4 Yrs Post Surgery - I LOVE MY RESULTS!

Hello, I have to admit I was scared of the pain...


I have to admit I was scared of the pain when I first decided to have my surgery.  I have 3 kids - two of them are twins.  My stomach looked horrible!  Lots of loose skin below and above my belly button.  After my surgery, I have a super flat stomach.  I also had my stomach muscles reconstructed.  After the twins, mine were torn and my doctor suggested we fix the tears to help the stomach look for defined.  I looked great after my surgery!  I had no feeling or was over sensative in some areas but today, 4 years later this July... I have feeling back and still love my stomach. 

The pain pump was so worth the extra money!  I was still in quite a bit of pain but by no means as bad as some people have stated.  I expected to be in alot of pain though.  I think my biggest issue was the back pain I had from sleeping in a somewhat sitting position.  The pain was bearable in my back but I had some back issues before hand too. This surgery is not for those with a low pain tolerance! 

As for the scar, it is big but mine has somewhat faded and I could care less!  I feel good and I'm wearing my bikini which I had not worn since having kids! 


I have twins who are three, and I am sick of being congratulated on being pregnant when I am not, so I really want to do the surgery- I am concerned about the pain and recovery, but your story is inspiring, and helpful, I appreciate it.
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Hi! I would be happy to email you photos. I could do it this weekend since I'll have some time off. Please email me at {edited contact information} Editor note: Other registered users may privately contact you by clicking on your username, provided that you have opted to receive private messages (Select “My settings” to update your preference).
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im so glad to hear about your tummy tuck! i had twins also they're 16 months ad ive been dieing to have a tummy tuck done, i'm also concerned about the pain, but if i can go through a c-section, and get smartlipo done while i was awake and felt EVERYTHING, then i think i could go through this also.. maybe. do you have any before and after photos. its ok if you dont want to share, but im planing to get it done right after my kids turn 2, sincei am a young mom, i want my body to look young too! not like a pancake, haha also could you give me the nae or your surgeon and his price, it would greatly help. thank you so much
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