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Tummy Tuck - Columbus, Georgia

Just had mine Jan 8 as outpatient. Went home by...

Just had mine Jan 8 as outpatient. Went home by early afternoon. DId it to get rid of excess fat after 2 C-Sections. I was in the worse pain until around 8pm and Meperzine was called in my MD. After that, it was okay. Everyday, I am amazed at how different my body looks. I had not seen my belly button in years. I even thought it was "too high" after surgery. there is swelling and still some pain. But I am glad I did it.

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He has done this many times. He is board certified. Very personable and a great surgeon.

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I need a good surgeon that will perform a tummy tuck for $5,000 max? does anyone knows?
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Did anyone find out who she went to?
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PLEASE tell us who you went to! Thank you.
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Could you tell me please which pain is worse after c-secrion or tummy tuck? Thanks in advance
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Im thinking about having this done in Columbus also. Who did you go to? Thanks
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I am about to make my appt to have this done. They said I would have a "pain pump" that will be attached and last 5 days after surgery. Did you have that? I am hoping that it will make the pain more tolerable! I am also having a breast lift at the same time, so I'm really going to be in for it! thanks for sharing!
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