Tummy Tuck - Lost 70lb After Pregnancy, Left with Extra Skin

Igained 70 lbs druing my pregancy and lost it...

Igained 70 lbs druing my pregancy and lost it quick but was left with extra skin. So far I think I will like the outcome one day but right now I am still suffering from complications my doctor says hardly ever happens.

Why do I look like this after a tummy tuck?
I had seromas, they were drained by needles several occasions, got sonogram and said fluid was minimal. Now I still have major swelling in upper abdomen and groin under scar. Under belly button is flat. doc says it will go away but my results are not common. Want an MRI but doc is pushing it off.
Sorry to hear about your bad experience so far. :( If you don't mind me asking, what sort of complications are you having?
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hes way too busy and I need more hands on attention. It was a major surgery and I didnt feel like the doctor felt that way.

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