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Tummy Tuck Pain 2 Years Later

I am 2 yrs post-op and have been experiencing...

I am 2 yrs post-op and have been experiencing extreme tightness in my abdomen, especially after eating a meal.

I work allot in my yards and started with this severe discomfort after I work in the yards. My clothes are terribly uncomfortable when this is happening and have to get out of even my underwear because i feel so tight. Is this normal or have I injured the abdominal muscles. I get some relief when I take a muscle relaxer.

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i am having the same issues as well. i had my procedure in 2003 and recently i've been working out and exercising my abs and suddenly it feels as if my incision has reopened. i find myself constantly checking the area to make sure it did not reopen. the pain i experience is very comparable to the pain of immediate post op. i really want to know what it is, doctor says its nothing major.
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I too am having problems. My procedure was done in 2004. I had lipo and a tummy tuck. I am experiencing extreme tightness in stomach area down to my lower ab area every day. I've always exercised so I've been doing nothing different when this started 3 months ago. I was going to go back to the plastic surgeon to see if he can advise me on this. Did your doctor say if this is something temporary?
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I am over a year post op and suffer same thing as you. I too wonder if I have overdone it, even though I hardly do anything that strenuous. I hope someone can answer this question or if anyone else has this problem so long after surger as well. I have a lot of pain and sudden sharp (fish hook feeling) pains in my stomach. Really awefull. I wouldn't do this again if I had it to do over. Swollen, painful feels weird still, bless you and me.
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