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I commented awhile back on my Tummy-tuck, I just...

I commented awhile back on my Tummy-tuck, I just had done on February 28th. Today it has been exactly 2 weeks. With my sutures removed from my scar and out-of-my-belly-button, I am seeing the results' I orignally paid for! I am healing, slowly but surely. Today at 14days' post-op, I feel I have turned that corner, for the better. The swelling is moving down, and today I feel I have an intertube around my lower-abdomen. (Is this normal?) Dr. say's yesterday..."Yes!" Swelling heals with everything draining downward. I am still not aloud to stand-straight for another week, and 4 more weeks of sleeping in a recliner, 4 more weeks of no exercise, lifting, heavy activity, or sex. I now feel, there is improvement. My stomach as of now....is not yet flat-as-a-board. I want that! I hear everyone else talking about it. Did I get a bad tummy-tuck...or is that part still to come??? All comment's welcome, p-l-e-a-s-e...to {edited}. My scar is actually beautiful, so fine...and perfectly follows the crease of my thighs' and pubic-area. I sill have stretch-marks, and I still have love-handles. Why??? If anything.....this is my kick-start to complete my Drs. work. I am ready to hit weights, run and exercise. I also feel I bloat, A.S.A.P. after every meal. What is that all about? I'd like to write in again, and see If my opinion will change more, for the better. Editor note: you must be contacted privately. Posting your email address exposes you to spammers. Readers should click on your username to reach the private contact form.
Would you mind giving the name of your surgeon? I'm in Cincinnati and would love to know.
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