Tumescent Liposculpture Performed Feb 2009

Procedure performed: UA, LA, outer thighs, waist,...

Procedure performed: UA, LA, outer thighs, waist, hips

My 'why' story is pretty standard. I had just turned 40, was done with having kids, and needed/wanted to get rid of a lifetime of problematic fat deposits. I already knew my doctor and trusted him and his facilites. I did not even consider those medi-spa places.

My procedure required that I have local anesthesia for safety reasons. I was giving two shots of Demoral that did not work for me. I was awake the whole three hours AND got to feel every bit of the suction. Yes, it sucked and hurt, a lot.

I am now two weeks weeks post op. I only had to wear the compresion garment for 2 weeks. Thank goodness to as that thing is awful. I do have some hard lumpy areas, swelling, and one spot that looks like he missed but overall, I am happy. The entry points might leave lil white scars that will blend in with the stretch marks. I don't wear a bikini or short shirts so I'm good with those. I didn't have a lot of bruising but the pain was/is quite severe. I was able to go back to work after 4 days but continue to have residual pain.

This process is VERY painful and I do expect that fully recovery and final appearance to be be obtained after 6+ months. The board what truly helpful in managing my expections and I am happy to contribute.

To those still researching, note the following: There are always malcontents, not everyone can be placated. The process IS painful and expensive. Don't do it if you can't stomach either. Give it plenty of time. Yes, you will fit into your clothes better the day after but you will swell and bruise and be lumpy after that. I am just two+ weeks out and know that my body is still recovering.


I had liposculture done on August 5th , 2009, had it done in my whole stomach ,my whole back, my hips and under my buttocks, the pain is not that bad , getting some burning sensation when I get up or sit down, once I'm up and walking it gets better, I am swollen , my right side is less swollen than my left side, still havent seen any results , dont fit in my old clothes , hoping for the best but dont see much results
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One month post op. Most of the pain has disappeared. There are more hard lumpy spots but I have faith they too will disappear. I have felt very fat and wondered, hmmm...did it work? I am happy to say, I am down a pants size! Be patient!! It will happend for you too! I continue to wear spanx and variations of those garments. I highly recommend them even after your doc says you can stop with the garment. They keep my skin from getting all well...un-smooth.
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Just a quick update. It's been about 6 weeks now, I think. The hard little lumps are starting to go away. All the pain is gone but there are occassional twinges. And I have had to buy new clothes, woo hoo!
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