Tumescent Lipo W Certified Plastic Surgeon Definitely Worth It

I had tumescent lipo a month ago and am thrilled...

I had tumescent lipo a month ago and am thrilled with the results so far. My outer thighs were the major problem. I had this, inner and flanks done. There is a bit of hardness in some areas still and my legs are tender if I run, however the bruising is gone (after 3 weeks) and I am excited about the results. The first 3 days were the hardest and I was very lucky to have a family member take care of me. I was back to work by the 5th day.

I would HIGHLY recommend visiting a board certified PLASTIC SURGEON --- I had a number of consultations (from a variety of doctors) and from all the PLASTIC SURGEONS they recommended the tumescent lipo, not smart lipo. Smart lipo seemed like a nice idea at first (easy, less healing, in and out procedure) but lets face it, this is surgery-- plastic surgery -- and you want to see a plastic surgeon if you are to undergo the procedure, not a dermatologist who was trained on a smart lipo at a weekend workshop.

Its a life change and I am very happy I did the research and found a surgeon who made me feel comfortable, knowledgeable and did a great job. I am still healing but already feel it was a great decision and I no longer obsess about my thighs (other than how good they look).

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, made me feel very comfortable and went over the procedure in detail -- and you can tell he loves his work.

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That's great things came out so well. I'm wondering, how was your skin quality? Did you have any stretch marks on your hips or inner thighs? I want to do this but I have some stretch marks. Thanks!
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I happy to hear about your results. Would't you mind letting me know who your doctor is? thanks. All the best.
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Do you mind posting who your doctor was?
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