Stretch Marks Gone! - Tulsa, OK

I'm 17 days post op from a "drainless" full tt....

I'm 17 days post op from a "drainless" full tt. Still having a hard time standing straight. (I can stand straight just feels so tight) The main reason I wanted a tt was to get rid of horrible stretch marks and I am very pleased with my results. I didn't know recovery would be quite this hard but would absolutely
do it again. Just wondering how long until I feel better and can lift without feeling the "tug" ??

Let me know when u start walking better I'm on my 10 day an I'm walking like an old lady :( is frustrating :\ I they say it takes up to 3 weeks I Can't wait :)
Just wanted to update; I'm at day 22 and walking so much straighter!! I really noticed a change at about 3 weeks, everything seems to be going better! Hang in there.. better days are coming!! :)
I have my tummy tuck schedule for may 8th. I am having it done at the Tulsa surgical arts. I'm super excited. Glad you are happy with your results.
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