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I got this after doing a lot of research about...

I got this after doing a lot of research about dermal fillers. I had some lines above my mouth, some lines on the corners of my lips, and an uneven area on my bottom lip in the mucosal area where my tooth had gone almost through my lip and it left a pretty big scar.

I decided on Prevelle as my first filler because I had read that it was the gentlest of the fillers, and i was scared to death to have a needle in my face! I got some topical lido first, and then had the injections done, and the procedure was practically painless. I wanted to cry tears of joy when I was done and saw the results, though! I was able to go straight back to work, where my co workers were amazed at the subtle yet striking difference in my face. I know it may not last over a few months, but the results will keep me coming back!

I was so pleased with the results that I went back and got Juvederm a bit later. I had the Juvederm injected for more lift to the corners of my mouth, but have not had anything else injected into the lines above my lips, and they still look as good as they day they were filled. This substance has lasted much longer than I thought it would. I would suggest Prevelle to anyone that wants good and virtually painless results!

HI Jessica, 

Wow, your lips and face look so soft and natural, it's like you never had anything done and you were always supposed to look like that. I'm so happy this worked. Since you will continue using this procedure would you consider something more permanent? 




This lasted for about three months, as I expected....

This lasted for about three months, as I expected. I ended up getting the longer lasting Juvederm XC, which I have been thoroughly pleased with. If you are not sure if dermal fillers are right for you, I definitely recommend this product.
Hi, I am also in Tulsa. Where did you go for your Prevelle and your Juvederm?
I go to Plastic Surgery Center of Tulsa, Dr. Ratliff's office. Everyone there is so kind and knowledgeable, and they didn't make me feel pressured to do anything I was not comfortable with.
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