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And the Excitement Finally Begins - Tulsa, OK

Wow, I am finally doing this! I am a 35 year old...

Wow, I am finally doing this! I am a 35 year old mother to 3 wonderful children ages 19, 16, and 14. I am 5'6" and weight 178 pounds. I have lost 35 pounds over the past year. In March of 2012, I got a breast lift and augmentation done and I absolutley love it! I have wanted a TT for 4 years now but have been to apprehensive to follow through with it. I had my consultation on March 9th and I am having a full TT and Liposuction to my inner and outter thighs. I made my down payment and I am scheduled for surgery on July 6th at 9:15! It's finally going to happen..... I can't wait! Any comments, tips, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have really found this site to be so helpful. I find my self on here most of the day reading everyones experiences.
Good for you... I know that I find a lot of support from this site.. I read everyones progress and it really helps me.. I go in for my TT and lipo 5 weeks from today...

So I am 3 months and 4 days away from my TT and I...

So I am 3 months and 4 days away from my TT and I have been obsesantly pouring over all of the information on this website. I have a couple of questions.
1.) What are the blisters that some women get?
2.) Do all women get pleats?
3.) What should I buy to wear after my TT?
4.) What kind of pillows should I buy for supporting/sleeping after my TT?
I have been getting more nervousas each day passes, I even have a count down app on my phone lol.I am a student nurse and have 2 more semesters left before I graduate and I am not sure if this helping me or hurting me as I am running over every possible outcome for the worse. Any comments will be greatly appriciated have a great day!
Hey! Best of luck with your surgery - I know what you mean about obsessing! I obsessed before, and now after! lol

I don't know what the blisters are that you asked about. I've never seen any.

Not everyone gets pleats, from what I understand it has a lot to do with scar length. You are more apt to get them if your scar is shorter. I got pleats, but they are really going away nicely. I was super freaked by them at first, but now I know they will be gone. My doc did not want to give me a longer scar for a few reasons, even though I kept pestering him about the length and told him of my fears of pleating before the surgery.

My favorite pillows are feather pillows. I went to Target and bought them out of king size feather pillows. We now own about 8 of them (we had 4 prior to the surgery) and they are all on my bed now! lol I considered buying one of those reading pillows with the arms, but I didn't feel like spending money on something I would get so little use out of. It worked out.

Try not to worry - things will be fine!
Hi paulab30.. I understand about the nerves.. I am only a few weeks away. I have not heard of pleats or blisters, I have head of some women getting "dog ears" and these need to be surgically fixed.. Good questions. Maybe someone will update us both.
Dr. James Koehler

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