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Took off 10 Years - Tulsa, OK

I had juvederm put around my mouth, frown lines,...

I had juvederm put around my mouth, frown lines, chin, and a little under my eyes. The chin was a little painful.Ive been doing it for around 5 years and have never had a bad reaction - just bruised once under one eye and under my bottom lip (frown line?) We did the thicker version everywhere but under my eyes.

Belinda - Emerge

She was fabulous and really takes care in her work

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I'm not seeing where u put who u used ?
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Jax ~ Hi from a fellow Tulsan! Well, Broken Arrow, but close enough. Thanks for sharing your experience. SO appreciate you listing who & where you had your procedure done - I will defintely look into going there next time. Do you mind telling me how much they charged per syringe of Juvederm? I researched fillers for weeks before taking the plunge. I thought having a well-trusted (at least as far as online reviews) plastic surgeon do the procedure would "guarantee" pleasing results, but I have had a somewhat unfortunate experience within the past 2 weeks. I initially had Radiesse injected in the nasolabial folds ("parenthesis" on each side of the nose) and some deep frown lines under the corners of my mouth. Also had Juvederm in the under eye hollows. I am very thankful that the doctor I chose does know how to inject properly- what is upsetting to me is that as far as the eye hollows, he injected where HE wanted to, just doing the hollow depression area on both sides of the bridge of the nose - which wasn't a very problematic area for me to begin with. He supposedly used an entire syringe for these 2 very small areas. $550 - gone! I was very clear right before the procedure that I wanted the entire lower lid area done - from inner to outer corner to corner. I did not realize until I got home that this wasn't done. It actually made the rest of the hollowness under the rest of the eye look even worse. I must say that I'm very pleased with the Radiesse injections I had done - just disappointed that he ran out of product before doing the marionette lines on the lower chin area - I really wanted to see if that would make an improvement, since I'm also considering a facelift within the next few years and hoped to maybe postpone it for a while by doing this area, as well. I had little to no bruising or swelling afterwards- so I felt great about that. When I called his office the next day to discuss the remainder of my eye hollows I was basically told I could come back in - for an additional $550 - to have this done. Huh?! I knew better than to throw a fit with someone who would be poking needles in my face, so I agreed. I went back in the next week, ready to have it done and he tells me to come back the following week for the procedure to make sure all the swelling had gone down, etc. Probably sound advice, but frustrating considering the time wasted, not to mention gas $. I also politely mentioned the "misunderstanding" about the entire eye area being done in the 1st place and he totally dodged the subject altogether and took no responsibility for my extra costs, etc.
I went back in again yesterday - I knew he did good work and frankly didn't feel like trying to find someone else to do it at that point - and he filled the rest of the eyes in. It's funny - he was so kind & gentle on my first visit - he must've asked a dozen times "are you OK?", throughout the procedure, but yesterday, he didn't ask me once how I was doing and he seemed alot more rough with the injections and let me tell you - they were NOT comfortable by any means. Even with the mild swelling now the day after (again, no bruising - knock on wood) I think I'll be satisfied with the end result. There is a slight ripple under my right eye that I pray goes away - it's quite noticeable at this point. If it doesn't I will definitely not go back to him to fix it. I just feel so ripped off in a way. I'm so glad your experience was a good one. All in all - I definitely recommend the procedure to others. Thanks for letting me vent. Ha! Take care!
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have had juviderm in lips several times. this time it was 650.00 a syringe in tulsa. also would like to know the dr. in tulsa that charges 450.00 a syringe.
thank you.

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I paid $550 for the 1st round & then another $500 for the 2nd round when he didn't do what I'd asked the 1st time. I don't know who charges $450. Next time I'm trying Belinda at Emerge or Dr. James Koehler w/Tulsa Surgical Arts - both highly recommended. I defintely would NOT refer anyone to the Dr. I went to this last time, Dr.Paulsen with Plastic Surgery Associates! Although I'm relatively satisfied with the end results, I never should have had to pay that much for the few areas I had done & never should've been treated poorly on my return visit, etc. Over a month later, there is still a small ripple under my right eye and it looks like some areas are not filled in. Perhaps not very noticeable to others, but I defintely see it - every single day.
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hi Britt 44 im sammi 40,hehehe, any way i also had an unfortunate exp. I went to a place that shall remain nameless and i got the nasolabial folds injected i couldnt tell any difference i would like to have the more thick solutions injected but im wondering the price, considering Emerge they were very open and were understanding about things. I would like to have my nasolabial folds and marrionett lines slightly filled. Im wondering how much per syringe, i really think it would take only one but i want it to last 6 to 8 months or the one that lasts 12 to 18 do you happen to know the price range?

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You've been treating your under eye for five years with positive results?? How much do you go back once a year?? Do you progressively look worse when it wears off??

eek terrified to do something! any imput appreciated.

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Hi jax,

Yay, so happy this worked and has been working for you so well. We'd love to see pictures! Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review and have a great weekend!


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