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Straightens Teeth- Not As Precise Though - Tulsa, OK

I defiantly like my smile- but I feel right now...

I defiantly like my smile- but I feel right now that I will never have perfectly straight teeth like those who have had traditional braces. Also with my lifestyle it's hard to wear them all the time so that's def something to be thought about. Also, I'm going to have to have more trays after I'm through with this cycle. Possibly even some bands put on my lowers. All in all though I like the invisibility of them and the flexibility of them. I'm satisfied.

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I had to switch providers mud treatment due to unprofessionalism and I found the new one to be much more knowledgable.

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Hi Tulsa,

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you found a provider who you liked better. Do you know how many more trays your are going to need? Please keep us updated and thanks for the review.



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