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I had a breast reduction in 2004...I feel...

I had a breast reduction in 2004...I feel butchered because my nipples are so ugly ...Can my nipple be corrected or resized...I would rather have a permanent nipple that that stays hard then the mess i have........i am embarressed to take off my bra...because of this...I now want to get implants to have these ugly breast look better to me...if i would have known they would have been this nasty and tore of my self esteem i would have kept the ones i had...please help or refer me to someone who can....can we so my nipple to make it stand out..i now longer enjoy sex because i am constantly hiding my breast...please help sad in oklahoma.....


I was reading and wondered if you found a surgeon to solve your problem ?
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I am truly sorry to hear it...I had a BR in 08 as well as my Areola grafted...and my PS did such a fantastic job you couldnt even tell he actually resized my scars are PS was just very very nipples were perfectly rounded...not sure if you are willing to travel but my PS is Dr. Steven Connecticut!
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Hi Owasso,
Sorry to hear about your problems. I just had my surgery a few days ago & my drains came out today.
I also had nipples graphs done with my reduction as well as lipo on my abdomen & flanks.
Right now I am still all covered up with the special bra from the hospital & a compression thing over my stomach. I am having some pain & discomfort but I can work around O.K. I am hoping that by 4 weeks I will be able to attend a promised event up in Ct.
Let me know how you are doing.
Hang in there.
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