Finally have large ladies!!!saline

Well, I wear a "bombshell" bra from VS where it...

Well, I wear a "bombshell" bra from VS where it adds 2 cup sizes. I currently wear a 34D in it. When I was trying on implants the only one that gave me the size of my "bombshell" was the 700cc. So my PS suggested we do 650's filled full, he said a full
Implant is better than an under inflated implant. I'm 5'7 170lbs is that going to look okay, considering I want the "porno" look? I'm a little concerned that I won't get the look I'm looking for.


I haven't got mine done yet but want the same look as you. I also think our before pix are similar. I look forward to your updates and good luck!
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Thanks! I can't wait to see what the outcome is. My pre op is the 31st. I'll know more. When r u scheduled?

Sick house

Well, I'm a mom and I have a 6 year old. She tested positive today for flu type a. I feel horrible for her, yet hoping she gets over it quick. The dr wrote me a script for tamaflu as well preventive tactic. I went the other day and I myself has a upper respiratory infection. So I'm on Augmentin. My house is just full of sickness. I guess I'm glad it is now than later (closer to my BA date) I hope my house hold gets better. :))

On a better note,
pre-op is the 31st. Hubby is going w me to b the deciding factor on my size and if a lift is needed. I can't wait for this w him. :)) 26 more days!!! :))


So sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope she recovers quickly. Glad you got the Tamaflu...great idea! Here is a list of recovery items you may want to have on hand. Keep us posted!
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Thank you! That's very helpful. I love helpful things!!!
Hope your sweetie is feeling better! I think 650cc's will be a good size for you. :) hope you are feeling better real quick.
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Before photos

Here is a couple before photos.


First of all, love that bikini, Second your gonna look great:) and third sad to say that bikini will not fit anymore, but you will have great looking boobies!
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Lol- nope it won't fit, but that's okay! :) my sister wears my size now so it has a home. :) thank u for all the kind words! I can't wait for my bikini look w out all the padding. :)) the embarrassing get out of the lake/pool squishing ur boobs to get all the water out of the padding is gonna b a thing from the past! ;)
Lol!!!!!! I totally forgot ab the squishing out the water, ugh, I hated that! Woohoo, you won't have to deal with that long:)

Surgery date & Time! :)

Well, my PS office called today to confirm my surgery date. I paid cash on my consult day, I paid just for the BA. But, he did suggest a lift. I'm really considering it, to make my nipples smaller and more even and add the high look I want. Just have to let my PA convince my hubby it is needed. :)
Any who, my pre op is Jan 31st @ 11:30. Than my surgery date is Febuary 7th at 11:00, sign in at 9:45. I was super excited to get that phone call... I don't have all the items I'll need for it yet, I'm gonna wait for my pre-op appt to get the list of items I need. I don't want to go over board buying items I don't need. :) yes, I do want to go buy tons of bras. But, I'm uncertain of my final size. :) that time will come one step at a time. So officially I'm at 24 days!!! :)) eek!


Good luck! I'm February 5!
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Thanks!! I'm leaning toward saline! Can't wait for Valentines day! I'm so excited I wish the day was here already!
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Looking at boobs more and more

Okay, I have wanted boobs since I was 18. I'm currently 27, so I always look at other women's boobs. But here lately I find myself looking more and more. I'm like obsessed more than before cause all that's on my brain is my boobs... Lol. So, I took a couple picture of my boobs n a bra from Wally word, I decided to buy a none padded as a bon vo age' to my old titties & so people could see the "real" size of me. My bombshell makes em look nice, I'll post a pic n that as well. I have also added a couple pic of my wish & hopes outcome. 23 days I can't wait. :)) ??


Lol, we all are obsessed, but on here it's a good thing;)
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Good luck cant wait to see your results
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Thanks! Can't wait to see ur outcome! :)

Mind made.

At first I really wanted to do the lift, but after further thinking I truthfully don't. My PS said there was a 25% chance since I'm going so big that I wouldn't need the lift. Mainly my left nipples drops more than my right. I'm fine with it being like that. I want to inhance my size and make em look beautiful. I know My PS is amazing and my scars would b minimal. But I'm so young. I think later in life I will do that if needed. Well that's just my thought. I can't wait. It's getting closer and closer. Pretty excited. :))


Awesome! Im holding off on a lift too, ps says the same thing to me about going big. But i posted a question in here and a few ps answered saying bigger wont "lift" them. I guess im a lil confused. What i envision is: With a 500-600cc implant they make your breasts fuller at the top which then lifts the boob a bit. I pinch the skin on my breast at the top and can tell that if there was something in there to fill it, my boobs would sit slightly higher. Did your doc provide anymore description about how that all "works"? Thanks for sharing and im lookibg forward to your updates!
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Well like u said it does make the skin more fuller. The reason they say do a lift is cause the weight u already have in your breast tissue pulls down as time goes on. So when u drop & fluff they say u can drop to much. Which than makes u look saggy w an implant. I'm pretty confident that mine will purk up. They look wonderful in a bra. I just hope the outcome is awesome. :) I just don't want the scar's I know they r not that bad. But, I'd rather just have the under one. :)) I'm Getting closer and I'm getting excited. :))

Stretch marks? Hm...

so, im constantly on site viewing and reading everyones stories. I have noticed on some women stretch marks r more apparent on there breast after there BA. I have read, that no matter how much "bio oil" or "coco butter" you usd u will still have stretch marks. I also used it 3x a day while prego & still ended up w stretch marks. So when I read about it, it was mearly a myth. I also asked my PS cause I have scene all the list yall make for before. He said none of them that stuff was necessary. besides the pillows and an extra sports bra. So my question is, if u have already stretched to a big size before - r they more likely not to show up? Or will they. Just wondering...
I'm pretty excited, I'm getting closer and closer to my BA date. I work as a Dental Assistant. I get my BA done on Friday than I'm returning back to work Wednesday on "light duty" front office stuff. I think I should b okay I have read that most of you women r better the 3 rd day. So I think by the 6th day I should b okay. However I have read an scene about the morning boob. Oh weeee do I dread that one. Waking at 3 am to take a pain pill might b a good idea. Lol. :)) well I hope u all have a beautiful day.


Hi ladies. I have also heard about mosques arose oil. It's in oil and also bath soap. Organic stores sell it. I've read about it and it sounds really good. I'll be trying that. You can never have enough creams and oils to pamper ourselves with!
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Have u found a website that sells it? I'd like to try it. :)
Okay, my gf had hers done last march. She has had NO stretch marks cause she used this. I'm gonna go ahead and order it. :)

Victoria Secret trip...

So today I went on my lunch break to VS- they had SO many cute bra's and sports bras in there. I was on over load with all the cute stuff that I could get and look wonderful & full in after my BA. I can't wait for my BA date. Going to VS is gonna b awesome w nice big boobs. :) lol. The new VX sports bra's r super cute. I told my husband I'm probably gonna b living in them. Haha. I did buy the the Rose Lace Plunge Bra in a L which is the biggest they go on there "pink" line. I got a coupon for 10$ off a bra w pink purchase plus free Rose lace panties (which I love and r super sexy) so I ended up paying 15$ for this super adorable/sexy bra. :) I'm gonna upload the photos. The hot pink one is the one I bought. The black & cheetah I did not. I want to make sure it fits before I go over board shopping. :) hope everyone is having a wonderful day. 15 days! :) xoxo


Hey, what size are you now and what size will you be? I'm asking bc some large sports bras from VS I didn't fit. I bulged out the sides. I would wait on bra shopping no matter how excited you are. It was hard for me to wait as well, but your swelling is going to differ day to day and VS bras aren't cheap. I spent a lil under $300 on bras and then had my 3 mth check up and ended up returning them all bc my PS doesn't recommend underwire. Most PS doesn't mind either way, but mine says gravity will end up taking over, my nipples will end up pointing downwards and in about 6 yrs I'll need a breast lift if I keep wearing underwire. That saddens me bc I now hate bra shopping. I still haven't shopped, mainly bc I'm selfish and I want what I want and tend to be hard headed. The few ppl that recommended me to my PS also does not wear underwire and they are well over ten yrs post op. I don't want to wear sports bras forever. So I'll attempt another VS visit tomorrow. I live 5 mins from the mall and literally go in there at least three times a week and end up leaving empty handed.
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Right now I wear a small D, I'm a 34 as well. The black one fit small. But the pink gave me a push up. Lol. It was only 15$ so I'm not stressing it. If anything I can wear it before the "dead" to feel sexy! :)) when u go today try on the bra I bought and take a pic. Id love to see what it looks like on big ol boobs like what u have and what I'll have. Lol. Ya, my PS said as well no underwire. That's why I choose not to do the lift this time around. I will in 10+ years when I do a revision. Lol. I just don't want all that scaring so young. When I'm older no big deal. Lol I won't b at the lake showing em off. ;) lol. When I talked to the VS lady she said that they go up to 38DDD and that's it. There is a place here where I live that is called bust stop and they go way up there so I may have to suck it up and not b a VS snob anymore. Which saddens me. But, I'll save money in the end I suppose. Lol. Let me know if u try the plunge bra on. :)) hope u have a great day! Xoxo
Lol your silly. You seem to be a big size already. I completely understand tho. It's crazy how many women have or is getting BA. I'll take so e pix soon. Have a great day.

PCP visit today.

I can't believe that this Friday is my pre op. Than the following Friday is D day!!! I'm starting to get a little anxiety. I'm become restless at night. I find myself trying to make my breast ache so I know the pain feel. I have read so much about the the first 48 hrs. And the morning boob. I have warned my family of these things. I just hope mine goes smooth. The thing that has me worried the most is waking up after. Your mind set isn't the same as when u went under. You feel like u wake from ur dream at home. Well at least that's how it was last time. I tried to b "cool" after the wake up which I had 2 screws put in my ankle cause I broke it but the pain was so intense & seeing my loved ones faces made me become a cry baby. I don't know if it was the affects of the anesthetic or from the vivid dream I had while I was under. I just have to have positive thoughts I suppose. It's just becoming so surreal. I have tried to calm myself, and I'm 10 days pre op. Oh do I dread the night before. Lol. I also have an appt today w my PCP to make sure I don't have a UTI. Arg! That's annoying also that this could b happening. Thankfully it is 10 days pre. After my appt I'll call my PS if I do have a UTI an let them know. I actually started taking some left over cipro from last time Sunday night. But I still feel that bladder ache. Sad thing is, I have gone when I needed it go haven't held it for this very reason. Is it possible to actually make ur mind believe u have a UTI? Cause for some reason I think I have over thought it and made myself have one. Arg, moment of truth is n a couple hours. Until than my boobie friends!! :))

Well, the moment of the truth was- dundun I don't have a UTI. Arg! I wonder why I feel like I need to use the RR all the time & it aches his answer- possible bladder stress. Okay I'll take it. However he wrote me an RX for cipro & tramadol. Awesome! Now after the surgery I can switch back and forth from the one my PS gives me to that. :) I'm super exited. It's getting closer and closer. Until pre op day boobie friends. Xoxox


Congrats!!! My preop was REALLY stressful (and I knew it would be), so I brought my best friend. It was a whirlwind - I swear I can't remember a single thing he said - I was just so excited, nervous and giddy at the same time!! You had me cracking up - I stared at women's boobs ALL the time before my surgery wondering what sort of "look" I wanted to go for myself.
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Lol- I have a very witty personality. It's funny at times cause I'll point other women out to my husband that have a nice rack, some of my friends think it's weird. Ha! I just found out today that on my surgery day my daughter is out of school. Ah! Kinda works out I suppose. She is 6 and she is all being very helpful here lately since she knows here soon momma can't "baby" her since she is my only child. Lol. Did u already have your BA? I'm excited cause my husband gets to go w me to pre op. So he gets to meet the infamous PS! :) plus he gets to give the final approval on size. :))

Pre Op-

Well I had my pre op appt yesterday. It went great, my husband got to join me an he an I decided on a size which was what I choose to begin with. We r going to do the 650cc implant filled roughly 700-720cc just depending on what my body can handle. My PS does the final cc amount. They r going to b HP saline. Which should give me a nice outcome. I hope! My husband loved my PS & his wife. The unfortunate news is I'm having my surgery Friday morning but I won't b able to actually see my breast until that following Monday :( they said I could peek through the top all I wanted but I could actually un-clasp the bra until they do!!! Gosh that's gonna b hard!!!! I got all my RX's but haven't gone n got em filled yet. I'll do that the day before. :) I'm getting excited. Yet nervous about the pain. Until next time boobie friends! :) xoxo


Don't worry doll, you'll do just fine. I'm telling you I had minimal pain as if I went to the gym and did all chest workouts. Good luck!
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Good luck!! Mine is on the 18th so less than 2 weeks, I'm super excited! Can't wait to see your results!
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It will be so exciting when they take off that bra on monday! woohoo! cant wait for mine. Goodluck :)
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almost there....

Well, the time has come closer. My excitement an curousity is through the roof, I cant wait for my outcome. I went an filled all my RX's a whoping 16$ thank u insurance! Tomorrow im going to get ice packs n some easy foods. My PS office called today, they moved my surgery time up to 7:45 chk in 9am surgery. The wait isnt gonna my anxiety go through the roof. Haha until im on the other side boobie friends!!!! Xoxoxox


Good luck! My breasts have changed since losing weight, so I'm considering having a breast lift. I'm very excited to follow your recovery process.
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Thanks!! Did u have a BA before he weight loss?
Whoa momma those are going to be some "bigguns" lol. Cant wait to see. Good luck to u. Oh and btw I had stretch marks pre-BA from deflation but don't know and I'm religious with the cocoa butter just for good measure. Happy healing!
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Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is the big day. At this time tomorrow I'll b checking in! I'm so mixed w emotions. But I know I'll b okay. :) so here is a picture of me before. I covered my tattoos n my nipples. Just cause of that creepy guy that was going around. I made a promise to my hubby for my safety to not expose my self fully. :) I'm not extremely skinny, cause I don't want to b. I'm currently weighing 160. I love having the curves. I can't wait. ?? Xoxox


Good luck today!! xoxo
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Yes, I did. I definitely would have waited if I had known I'd need a breast lift after my weight loss. Can't wait to see your results!

On the other side

Well, I'm done an at home. Pretty drugged up. But here is some photos will update y'al soon. :))


yay for u congrats take it easy and happy healing!!
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Looking forward to the rest of your story x
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I've been waiting on an update from you literally ALL day. So glad your doing good and your big boobies look great so far. Welcome to the boobie club. ;)
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Day of boobies

Day of boobies.

Well, my surgery time got moved up so I had to b at the surgical center at 7am surgery at 8.
I got there an signed some paperwork. They needed a urine sample & the told me that over the phone. So I let the front office lady know I needed to use the RR. She sent for a nurse. I thought I would just pee n set back down. I left my sister n husband in the waiting room. When I exited the restroom my nurse told me to go in my pre-op room which I did. I got undressed b put in a gown. Climbed up into bed where they placed 2 warm blankets in me. I answered a few questions. Than she started getting my IV in. Once that was in place she went to get my Husband & sister. We sat in the pre op area an chatted for about 30 min before it was time for me to go back. When it was time, they had my husband n sister return back to the waiting area. They took my glasses an I'm damn near blind so everything viewing wise was a huge blur. The nurse wheeled my bed down a hall where my surgical team was waiting. The wheeled me into the Surgical room, put my bed high up next to the surgical table n had me slide over on it. Once i was rede they placed tons of blankets n a headed blanket on me. The anesthesiologist began taking to me about the sleepy time cocktail she had waiting for me. My PS said go to sleep on a beach. :) I smiled. They than placed a mask over my mouth and told me to breath in an out hard. So I did. Than I was out. I woke in the post op area where I heard my husband n my sisters voice. I couldn't quite open my eyes. But I could hear everything. The pain was tolerable but defiantly a shock of pain. No matter what anyone try's to tell u it's seriously an unimaginable pain until u experience it. lol. The nurse gave me aprox 3 shots of morphin. She kept asking if I was gonna get sick. In which I didn't. Thank goodness. She came back in an asked again I had been there for about 30 mins she said I could have more pain meds which there were not helping lol. My PS prescribed me flexeril n norco. She expressed the flexeril would b the one to calm the muscles more than the norco. So we decided to head home. I live aprox 30 miles from the surgical area. Which was HWY all the way there n back. I got n the car an hugged a pillow for the ride. But I passed smooth out on the ride home. Once I was home sleeping was super hard. I couldn't find a good comfy spot. I placed ice packs on my new ladies n took my meds than passed out for a hour. The was okay, manageable. Nothing to cry over. lol. I have been taking my Flexeril n norco every 31/2 hours. Which seems to help. I also take some Tylenol every other time I take meds. Which helps w the swelling. Right now they r super super swollen. I keep getting a sharp pain under my left breast a. Sometimes under my right. It's only when I move a certain way. I'm still sleeping straight up. Helps w the swelling n throbbing. I don't have a recliner, I have a sectional so I'm in the corner of it w millions of pillows. The neck pillow is a must. :) I just took another round of meds. My eyes r starting to get sleepy. Until next time boobie friends. Xoxo oh n PS- I got 730cc in each!!! Super happy about that!!! :)))


Omg I cant believe u got 730s wow. Keep up on ur Norcos and u should be fine by Monday. Happy healing!
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Get some rest! Seems like you are. I'm 3 days post and I'm already at work! :/ hate it!!! Can't wait to see more pics! :)
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Wow honey! I go back to my office Wednesday. They should feel better by than. How r u feeling? I won't b able to post more pic of em till Monday when I can actually see em. Lol.


Here is some photos I just took. Swollen as all get out! :))


Thanks babe!! They don't look like 730cc. My body carries it well u suppose. ;))
You will get even more swollen then they will shrink and you will tell yourself well damn I liked those big knockers, lol. Glad all went well. I also have a sectional which I had to make do and ended up with a very sore ass. Can't wait to hear more updates.

Couple days post

Okay, I had my BA done Friday. It's now Sunday. I was just wondering when I would start to feel my breast? They feel numb? Anyone else have this issue?? Thanks in advance. :))


I couldn't feel them the first day and I started to feel them the day after little by little. My left nipple feels like its on fire when I touch it. It's scary!
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Numbness is normal and takes a while to regain feeling. I can't quite remember how long but if you read my review I know I have it in there when I was regaining sensitivity. One you regain feeling you'll prob wish for numb again.. Lol. Boobs definitely feel "alive" all this nerve endings get back at it and make up for lost time! Congrats and good luck tomorrow!
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Thanks sweet heart! I know I wouldn't mind loosing some feeling n my nipples. Lol

Finally got to see em.

Went to my post op appt. everything went well. Everything looks good as well here. Is a photos.


You look amazing! Did you get a breast lift? I don't see any scars.
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Thank you! No I decided not to do it this time. An if I need it in 10 years than I'll go ahead n get it than. :)
They look beautiful!!!!! Yayyy❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Okay, so I showered for the 1st time today. I must admit it was a weird weird feeling not having my surgical bra on. I hurried through my shower that's how much I disliked it. lol I did however suck it
up after my shower to take some photos of after in bras. Last night I took my pain meds for sleep. But I have not taken any today I have just taken Ibuprofen. Which helps more than a pain pill. Lol. I'm sleeping through the whole night. Morning boob is still there but isn't as intense as it has been. Thank goodness. I keep staring at them an find myself unfastening my bra to get a better look. I still haven't got feeling back in em yet. I can't wait for that to happen. :) lol. All n all I'm feeling back to normal which is great, I return back to work tomorrow. Darn it. I have enjoyed being lazy! :)

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Kinda over did it!!!

Hello ladies! Today was my first day back to work. I'm still sore but not to bad. I have just been takin ibuprofen since yesterday. I came home however an took a pain pill! Ha. I'm starting to get some tingling & twinges in my breast. Last night I had a horrible sharp pain under my left breast. I just held my bra up off the incision site. And it seemed to help it. I woke last night around 3am with horrible morning boob, since I had to b to work n in a couple hours I went ahead n took a pain pill when I woke again at 6 am I felt great minimal pain. Kinda over did it at work cause the people I work with do not understand my "dos" and "dont's" kinda makes me upset. But it is what it is. :) I'm loving them more n more everyday. It looks like lefty has dropped more than righty. I have noticed that I do use my left arm more than my right when I am right handed. Pretty odd. Lol. So here is a photo of before n after. And one from this morning showing how lefty dropped. :) xoxox boobie friends. :)


You look great and I love that neon green/yellow bra you posted there! Tell me where you got it, I'll have to get one of those once I heal more. You got a lot of time off work, I'm so jealous!! I wish that could have been me...but I'm thankful for this long weekend coming up!
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Thank you! I got the sports bra from walmart. I think the brand is danskin? I'm not sure. But I liked how it flipped in front. I will probably have to take it back n get a smaller size. I'm not a 36 around I'm a 34. Thankfully I have a pretty surgical bra! :) I scheduled my surgery when I knew I would b able to get time off. My 1st day back was a bit rough though. My 2nd is a lot better. I'll find out the for sure brand n style of the bra for u when I get home. :)
Looking great! I know what you mean by over doing it... Wish I could just have a day off and rest! Hope you can Get some rest ;)
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Feeling pretty good.

Hey ladies. Today I felt amazing. I actually touched my boobies more, I haven't cause I'm so afraid to. I have been having little pains in my incision area so I took photos of my incision to see if I may have opened em. An to me they look okay. So i figured id share. They r 3cm long. He measures. Ha! Which is awesome.

Happy healing lady's n I'll keep y'all posted. :)


Hey! How are you feeling today? Happy V-Day!! Your incisions are so tiny! Lucky you! My next follow up appointment is on Monday and I can finally take the tape off from under and see mine. :)

10 days post- 4 things to b careful of!

Well I went to my 2 week post op appt today an it went great! They r healing great!

Now, for some woman that r getting there's done here soon here is some things people don't tell u after to be careful of. :)

1) hiccups really stink after words. So try not to get em.
2) sneezing- that hurts. Don't hold it in let it b loud an awful. :)
3) spicy foods- heartburn feels worse with the new boob pain.
4) new jiggle wiggle on car rides. It not just jiggle of a little bit. It's ur whole boob. Lol

Some of my GF that have gotten there's done that drink pop/soda say burping hurt the first few days. I wouldn't know that cause I only drink water. :)

Hope everyone is doing well.


They dont look so huge but really nice!
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Thank u! Ya I think they look wonderful!! I can't wait to see yours! :)
20 more days ;) thank you! Keep us posted!


Well it has been 18 days since my surgery. Everything is going great!!! I still have the morning boob, but it isn't as bad as it was. For the most part the pain is gone, now all I have is the pains of twingies of my nerves coming back to life. My nipples r oober sensitive. Especially my right. When the shower hits it, it feel like a needle stick. No fun, an it seems to b hard all the time. Ha! They defiantly have shrunk n size. I measured the other day to a 34 DD/DDD. Which is where I wanted to b. I'm so happy w em. It's just still a shock seeing them. :))


I can't see your photos I would love to see the results
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You have the same stats as me do they look natural? I want to go with a 600 maybe 650 but I don't want to go to big. I am about 10-20 lbs lighter I think but I want bigger and fuller I could never wear a bomb shell as my boobs wouldn't come together in a bra like that ugh it was my worst nightmare! I just to feel sexy for myself and husband.
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I'm set for surgery next Friday for 600s but I'm actually thinking of doing 700.
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