Erbruim Yag Laser Face Resurfacing and Extensive Fat Fill Great!

Pro's... one treatment versus several with...

Pro's... one treatment versus several with Fractional

Con's.. more down time

I did it because I had lost alot of weight 6 years ago, had no fat left in my face, tons of sun damage and some pre-cancerous skin lesions on my nose! Wrinkles be gone.

Went to a couple consults and liked one doc more than the other. One was a spa/clinic where I felt I would be wheeled through... versus a real plastic surgeon who took time to explain why one procedure over another would be best for me. Went in thinking I would have to have a full face lift.. so this was MUCH easier, and better!

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Sounds like you have a very similar situation to mine. Gained wait with menopause. After I lost it, I lost all the fat in my face. That was fine with me until the skin collapsed and got very crepey. I have spoken with three doctors. The one I like best uses a YAG that he has owned for some time and thinks its better than FX. Gotta say I am scared to death of the recovery. How long before you were able to leave the house? Were you comfortable going out at three or four weeks?
I live in Tucson as well.

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No problem, now a month later my skin still looks almost poreless, though I'm smiling and wrinkling my eyes and putting "fresh" wrinkles on -- I think I will have some Botox to keep those from seriously coming back lol Without photo's from others, I don't know that I would have had the courage to DO this either -- Hopes this also helps others thinking about Ablative lasers and Fat Fill.
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Thank you for posting You look beautiful!!!!!!!!
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Tucson Plastic Surgeon

My doctor (a women), used partial closed, partial open healing, KNEW about pain management and made my entire experience almost Painfree! I feel like I am a very important person to her, and my face matters VERY much to her.

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