Erbruim Yag Laser Face Resurfacing and Extensive Fat Fill Great!

Pro's... one treatment versus several with...

Pro's... one treatment versus several with Fractional

Con's.. more down time

I did it because I had lost alot of weight 6 years ago, had no fat left in my face, tons of sun damage and some pre-cancerous skin lesions on my nose! Wrinkles be gone.

Went to a couple consults and liked one doc more than the other. One was a spa/clinic where I felt I would be wheeled through... versus a real plastic surgeon who took time to explain why one procedure over another would be best for me. Went in thinking I would have to have a full face lift.. so this was MUCH easier, and better!

Photo Update

Sounds like you have a very similar situation to mine. Gained wait with menopause. After I lost it, I lost all the fat in my face. That was fine with me until the skin collapsed and got very crepey. I have spoken with three doctors. The one I like best uses a YAG that he has owned for some time and thinks its better than FX. Gotta say I am scared to death of the recovery. How long before you were able to leave the house? Were you comfortable going out at three or four weeks?
I live in Tucson as well.

No problem, now a month later my skin still looks almost poreless, though I'm smiling and wrinkling my eyes and putting "fresh" wrinkles on -- I think I will have some Botox to keep those from seriously coming back lol Without photo's from others, I don't know that I would have had the courage to DO this either -- Hopes this also helps others thinking about Ablative lasers and Fat Fill.
Thank you for posting You look beautiful!!!!!!!!
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

My doctor (a women), used partial closed, partial open healing, KNEW about pain management and made my entire experience almost Painfree! I feel like I am a very important person to her, and my face matters VERY much to her.

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