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I Got Rid of my Cellulite and Got my Butt Lifted and Love It! - Tucson, AZ

I had Exilis done 4 weeks ago and I am so happy...

I had Exilis done 4 weeks ago and I am so happy with my results. It is definitely hot but bearable, and my technician doing the treatment constantly asked me if it was getting too uncomfortable and she would pause for a few moments if I said yes to give me a break. I went to Specialists In Dermatology in Tucson where they also offer CoolSculpting that is MUCH more effective for fast bulge reduction. Exilis is really tissue tightening and should not be used to treat these bulges of fat that people are trying to get rid of. After doing my research Exilis is really not for real fat reduction. I did CoolSculpting on my love handles and Exilis on my upper, back thighs to get rid of the ugly, wavy cellulite area right below my butt. Then I actually did Exilis on the top half of my butt cheeks simply to tighten that skin and therefore giving my butt a perky little lift! I am getting married this may and my love handles are gone, my thighs and butt are smooth and tone and I am extremely happy with my experience :)

Tucson Dermatologic Surgeon

Overall great care. The Doctor and her staff was very helpful, informative, and honest about what they could do for me. The follow up care was great. It's a very busy clinic so the one time I did leave a message for the doctor my call was not returned until the end of the day when they were done seeing patients but my call was not urgent so that may have been why they waited. In the room during my CoolSculpting treatment the Doctor really does not need to be there, you sit attached to the machine for one hour so I was alone for that. But they do provide magazines, a DVD player, and make you very comfortable. They also give you a call button to press in case you need anything. Just use the bathroom first because if you start that treatment you can't stop for the full hour! Overall fantastic experience.

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I came into Specialist in Dermatology in Tucson with the goal of reduction of fat pockets on my thighs, and Exilis was recommended to me. I ended up having 5 treatments at $400 each. If there was any improvement to my fat pockets, then it is unfortunately barely perceptible. Although my goal wasn't cellulite reduction, that would have been a plus. However, there was no perceptible change in my cellulite either. After 2 or 3 treatments I considered discontinuing, but the technologist told me that her patients really do see improvements and she was certain I would be pleased with the results if I stuck with it. I'm not saying there was any dishonesty going on. Probably not all patients respond to Exilis, or perhaps the RF wasn't set ideally (as explained below). I should add that the staff is super friendly and professional.
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Hi candace, Could you post a follow-up to tell us how long your results lasted? :)
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Exilis most certainly did not get rid of your cellulite. Cellulite is not the same as fat; once you have it you cannot get rid of it without surgically removing it. Exilis utilizes Monopolar radio frequency to create heat subdermally which melts fat. Cellulite is not like fat at all and Exilis does nothing for cellulite. What Exilis (or most RF devices) will do; is heat the collagen in your skin and cause it to shrink, pulling on the elastin fibers and tightening the skin a bit thereby making the cellulite "look" better (smoke and mirrors).

Cellulite is a fibrous mass with little polyps that resemble a bunch of grapes on tangled up vines. Those little grapes are filled with a viscous fluid, not fat. In order to reduce the size of them you must burst the little grape so that it can release its fluid. You body will then dispose of the fluids naturally and you'll look better. However... you're still left with the grape vines and grape sacks which will in time... repair themselves and restock with grape juice. Low frequency ultrasound (Cavitation) and Lypolosys have shown much promise for stomping those little grapes into submission. Exilis does not offer either of these features.

This is not to say Exilis does not work for it's intended purpose. Administered properly it does reduce fat. However... All RF devices are not created equal and millions of dollars in "branding" doesn't mean you'll get the best RF fat reduction treatment. Different frequencies are better suited for different jobs so it's important to know which frequency is best for your particular problem fat. Exilis is a fixed wavelength RF device so while it will do more than one job, it's not necessarily the right tool for all jobs. You wouldn't haul dirt in an SUV and you wouldn't go to the grocery store in a dump truck (although you could).

Hope this helps...
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I have done both, liked both. And I (the person) don't appreciate this. It sounds like you have had a different experience than I have interacting with Specialists in Dermatology and that's unfortunate. I was very happy and I am having Exilis done there again in two weeks in another area.
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The person who wrote about the exilis at specialists in dermatology most likely is an insider trying to drum up business for the facility. They do not have the exilis but do have the zeltiq or coolsculpting. The review is written in such a way so as to insinuate that coolsculpting is the procedure of choice if far burning is the option. Having done both each one is capable of minimizing fat, albeit subtly. The exilis does firm up skin to a point and, when done properly, does not hurt at all. Coolsculpting can be awkward and ungainly, having to remain in certain positions for an hour if the process is to e successful. I called specialists in dermatology twice to follow up on their coolsculpting and no one gas returned any of my calls. I think the person who wrote the review may have been a "plant."""
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Hi Candice, I'm wondering if the Exillis removed fat from your butt, or did it simply tighten it? Tightening would be what I need, not fat loss. Can it do one without the other?
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Yes, they use different settings for what you want to achieve. I just wanted to tighten up the area in my thighs to fet rid of cellulite and contour the shape a little so they did settings for weight loss and tightening but when they did my butt they just did tissue tightening on the top half of my butt which have my butt a perky little lift. I didn't want to reduce any size of my butt at all, I like my booty :) lol. It's something to do with power settings and heat settings. They almost completely took away the heat on my butt but on my thighs it WA super hot.
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Thanks, that's really good to know as I am interested in upper arms, back, thighs, and butt. Hmmm, I guess that's a lot, ;maybe I'm looking for an Exillis "shower"!!
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Hi Candace, Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Glad to hear everything worked well for you. Congratulations on your wedding, I hope you have a fantastic day!


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