Lower Face Lift, with Filler - Tucson, AZ

Pre-op this Monday August 12th, surgery August...

Pre-op this Monday August 12th, surgery August 16th...EXCITED!
Just found this site after Weeks of searching for a forum, I figured there HAD to be one! You guys were hard to find!

I have had the fraxel laser on my face in February 2012, lost weight was very un-happy with my turkey waddle, and loose skin around my neck,

Looking much older than I feel ....here to gather some tips for recovery, as will have very limited down time after surgery ( 6 days) and want to minimized any potential recovery problems.
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Hope you are well. Can you update with your conclusion please?
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Susan65, how did you make out! Kathy
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Good luck with your surgery. I am also having a face and neck lift tomorrow. I will be thinking about you and wish you the best!
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Woo-hoo, Friday! I'm glad you found us. I'm sorry it was difficult. We are here for you through this, so feel free to lean on us when you have questions or just need support.

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Will be thinking about you because I am having a facelift and necklift the same day. I have to be at the PS office at 6:30 a.m. Friday. Have you seen this list? http://www.realself.com/forum/supplies-for-facelift-recovery

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Report back please! :-)
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