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Tired of waisting money trying to keep my natural...

tired of waisting money trying to keep my natural teeth. the work is not getting done right and now i am suffering for it. i want a permenate fix.


i will. it will just depend if i can afford to get this problem fixed. $45,000 is way way way way way out of my budget. im only 26. having dentures is embarrassing. makes me cry when my 4 yr. old sees blood in my teeth or says mommy why is ur tooth brown. i just want a healthy beautiful white straight smile. im tired of all the pain. but i guess you have to pay the price to be healthy.
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I hear you, $45,000 is a LOT of money. I bet that is hard to hear coming from your child. :( I hope you are able to find a good way to get the smile you want, and not have to deal with pain anymore.

its the full bridges with 4 titanium ankers and 4 screws. on top and bottom.
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But dental implants are way over charged. they...

but dental implants are way over charged. they should not be nearly as high as $45,000. i think its a way for people to make more money. i think $10,000 is the most anyone should charge for the 4 on 1 full mouth dental implants. DO NOT PAY THIS MUCH!!!!! shop around and see what your options are. get multiple oppinions. clearchoice dental is where i got the $45,000 quote from. its insane for any dental business to charge this much.


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not worth $45,000

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