Full Mouth 4 on 1 Implants Top and Bottom - Tucson, AZ

Tired of waisting money trying to keep my natural...

tired of waisting money trying to keep my natural teeth. the work is not getting done right and now i am suffering for it. i want a permenate fix.

But dental implants are way over charged. they...

but dental implants are way over charged. they should not be nearly as high as $45,000. i think its a way for people to make more money. i think $10,000 is the most anyone should charge for the 4 on 1 full mouth dental implants. DO NOT PAY THIS MUCH!!!!! shop around and see what your options are. get multiple oppinions. clearchoice dental is where i got the $45,000 quote from. its insane for any dental business to charge this much.
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not worth $45,000

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I have never seen this blog information. It is so helpful for me.
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i will. it will just depend if i can afford to get this problem fixed. $45,000 is way way way way way out of my budget. im only 26. having dentures is embarrassing. makes me cry when my 4 yr. old sees blood in my teeth or says mommy why is ur tooth brown. i just want a healthy beautiful white straight smile. im tired of all the pain. but i guess you have to pay the price to be healthy.
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I hear you, $45,000 is a LOT of money. I bet that is hard to hear coming from your child. :( I hope you are able to find a good way to get the smile you want, and not have to deal with pain anymore.

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its the full bridges with 4 titanium ankers and 4 screws. on top and bottom.
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Ok, then that sounds like the same procedure. Keep us posted what you find out & if you decide to get it or do something else. :)

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I'm so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with your natural teeth.

If I'm understanding your post, you are considering doing the 4 on 1 implant procedure. Is that right?

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yes i want to get the 4 on 1 implants top and bottom. full mouth implants
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From what I understand, and you might already know this, but I think the 4 on 1 consists of 2 dental implants on each side of the mouth & a fixed bridge. It seems most use it as an alternative to dentures. There are some community members that have had this done and they are active in the ClearChoice Dental Implants community. Click here if you want to see what they have to say. Colee and Another Dallas CC customer are pretty open to talking about their experience, so hopefull that will help. :)

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