So Surreal!!! - Tucson, AZ

I've wanted boobs ever since I was a young teen....

I've wanted boobs ever since I was a young teen. Next Thursday my dreams are coming true!!!! Right not I am a 34A-32B I'm 23 years old, one breast fed baby, and I am 5'5" at 140 lbs (still loosing goal 130lbs). My plan is to get between 550 and 600 cc in hopes that will put me at a DD or DDD/ Thoughts? I am getting silicone mod plus under muscle. :)

Will you have anyone to help you and your little one during the first few days of your recovery? Feel free to share some pre op photos (even clothed,) and/or some wish photos. Here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Good luck this week. We can't wait for your updates!

             im sursprised your able to get 600cc in a first surgery! most girls can go that big in a second surgery! 
Really? When I was breast feeding I went from an A to a D so maybe I just have the extra skin. Idk. He mentioned multiple surgeries for the pictures I showed him but said I could do 550 possibly 600 if he could fit it in.
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