I'm a 36 year old mother of 2 boys. I am 5'3" and...

I'm a 36 year old mother of 2 boys. I am 5'3" and 122 lbs. I have been wanting to get a BA after weaning my second childy7. No one tells you that your boobies will deflate! It was worth it and instead of regretting nursing my baby, I decided to just get new boobs. Shoot! I color my hair, whiten my teeth, and go to the gym to shape up and feel healthy...why not help the girls out?

I wear a 34C Bra but measured as a B at the PS's office. I initially chose a Moderate Profile, 350cc Saline Implant filled to 360cc. However, I made some rice sizers yesterday and decided that I wanted a 400cc implant filled to 425.

I will add some pictures after my 2yo goes down for a nap.


So glad you have found RealSelf! I like your logic for having your procedure...it's so true. ;) Here is a list of items to purchase and set up prior to your surgery. Will you have any help with the kiddos the first few days of your recovery? Looking forward to your photos!

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Thanks Beth! Now that my hubby is back from Taiwan, I'm hoping to get my pics up tonight!

Before Pictures!

Here are my before pictures. I feel very uncomfortable about posting these, but I feel that it is necessary to get good feedback and to help other women considering a BA. I did not take a side view last night but instead, decided to upload the pictures taken by a doctor.

My measurements are:
Bust- 34.75 (inches)
Waist- 28
Hips- 37

Here goes!

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Making Rice Sizers!

I decided to make rice sizers so that I could play around at home with different potential implant sizes. This was a really fun project and helpful. It's not completely accurate but it has helped to reduce my stress level as I wait for my PreOp re-sizing appointment.

Here are two videos i found that are very helpful. The first video recommends using dry measuring cups to measure your rice and the other video maker shows a large liquid measuring cup. After my experience... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING DRY MEASURING CUPS! It will give you a more accurate measurement.

I love in the second video how she used a tall pilsner glass to hold the pantyhose! Very smart and handy! I also recommend getting the knee highs...at Walmart 33 CENTS a pair!

I used a food scale in addition to the other items to ensure the accurate weight to the ounce. That way I didn't have lopsided sizers. Considering that a teaspoon of rice can change the implant weight by .25 ounces, I thought it was worth it.

Video #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9tHqhH4bow

Video #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN1MkfWnT4Y

I have also uploaded pictures of me using the rice sizers. I could use a bit of feedback.

My doctor suggested I go with no bigger than a 350cc Saline Implant filled to 360cc for my body frame. However, I do like the 400cc look. I'm going for a youthful natural look. I don't want people to look at me and think "She has a boobjob." But I want to go as big as possible without drawing negative attention.

What do you all think? 360cc or 400cc?

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PreOp Appointment Today! New Size Choice!

I had my PreOp appointment today and after careful consideration, I decided to go a bit smaller. I have a small frame and though I would love big-big boobs, I really didn't want the attention they would bring. I wanted something natural looking. I read a dozen reviews here on RealSelf.com and one in particular helped me to make my decision. "Found the Perfect Size" I believe is the title written by CAsummergirl Please go check out their review. Very very helpful!

I chose a Round Saline Moderate Profile, 330cc Implant filled to 350cc+.

I was surprised how accurate my Rice Sizers were. While the sports bra showed me what the implants would look like on me (in the end without a bra), my office had me try sizers on with an underwire bra. That showed me how the implants would look on me with an underwire bra which pushes your breast up and out. When I tried the 330 cc implant sizer, my breasts looked HUGE with the underwire bra on. So, I felt smaller was better. Also, most women my size find that their breasts end up much larger than they expected bc of dropping and fluffing. I tried on one of their sizers and one of my rice sizers and was surprised how close they were. So making your own rice sizers is not completely accurate, but the rice sizers do help give you an idea how big you want to go.

The only thing I would add to my Making Rice Sizers advice, is to buy an unpadded sports bra (as recommended) but also an unlined/unpadded underwire bra. It will show you what your boobs will look like when scrunched up and out in a cute bra. I'm glad I went smaller!

I signed all my paperwork/consent forms and received the PreOp instructions! It's really happening! Yay!


I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see how you feel about going smaller. I'm still debating that.
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Thanks for the shout out! And I love the heart stamps! Heheee! For me 330 was a great size and sometimes they seem too big (I think I just need to adjust to having ACTUAL BOOBS) and other times I think they are perfect for me. My kids haven't even noticed!
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LOL! I was so amazed by your transformation. I'm glad your enjoying your new figure too. When I tried on the gels sizers in the office yesterday with all of my favorite Booby Shirts I was surprised how ginormous they looked. Your healing process has been going well too? Have you found it difficult with the two little ones? I'm worried about my 2yo banging in them. 0_0 lol


I thought I should post about my most helpful resources!

#1: The Boob Job Bible by Grace Gold... FIVE out of FIVE STARS

This is an Ebook that you can purchase through Grace's website and is a MUST if you have just started your journey www.theboobjobbible.com Because of this book I was able to stand up for what was right for me. My first consultation was done with a doctor that I really clashed with. I almost made a hugely bad decision for myself and all the while I was thinking "GRACE SAID THESE ARE RED FLAGS!!!" I made another appointment with a doctor with whom I fell in love with, figuratively. He is so amazing. His work spoke for itself and his credentials reassured me. Education is your greatest weapon against problems and disappointment and this book will teach you what you need to do!

#2: www.loveyourlook.com 4 out of 5 STARS

RealSelf.com is the best resource for personal stories I've come across. If you would like to see more images than this site has, try loveyourlook.com. It was not a great resource for anything other than pictures. Although! It was great for explaining the different types of profiles and even had a detailed guide on the BA procedure. They are a published by Mentor Worldwide LLC so they will only show you Mentor options.

#3: www.natrelle.com... 3 out of 5 STARS

This company offers a Pre-Consultation Kit for $39.99. It comes with a DVD, booklet, a profile bra, and sample implants (filled with saline/water). I just received mine, though I've already had my consultation and I've booked my appointment. The nicest part about the kit, is that it comes with a $50 rebate if you choose Natrelle Gel Implants for your surgery... thus reimbursing you for the kit you purchased. (I just wanted to review the kit to see if it would help others. I will have a video up tomorrow on the kit itself.)

#4: www.ratemds.com FIVE out of FIVE STARS!!!

This site is what finalized my decision which Doctor to choose for my BA procedure. After I came back from my first consultation with Doctor #1, my friend, who is a nurse, asked me if I had read any reviews. I cant believe I hadn't done that!!! So I found this website and found dozens and dozens and DOZENS of reviews that were awful for Doctor #1. Her biggest criticism is her pride and lousy bedside manner. I experienced her awful personality first hand, but I thought because she was so skilled I could deal with it. A lot of people said that when she messed up their surgeries Doctor #1 would belittle them about being picky. Even for hematomas!!! RED FLAG!

So I looked at reviews for my current doctor, Dr. Peter Kay, and found dozens of reviews. Not a single negative review!!! My doctor isn't about money, he's about Perfection. So he doesn't spend a lot of money on websites, pictures, fancy stuff. He relies on referrals and because he's so amazing, he is doing well. He is a compassionate listening man. Not the typical egocentric PS mentality. He does reconstructions also and has impacted the Tucson community greatly with his talent. What a gem!

#5: www.realself.com FIVE out of FIVE STARS!!!

You're already on this site so you know! But if you were thinking it is less helpful than you'd like, please reconsider. Search more reviews! Start your own! I've had so much positive feedback and encouragement. Reading about others journeys has helped me immensely.

#6: My Hair Stylist!

It is because of my openness with my stylist that I found out about Dr Peter Kay. My stylist, who had her BA done a couple years ago, shared her experience with me after I talked about my Post-Breastfeeding Boobs Blues. Oddly enough, that was mentioned in The Boob Job Bible! I just hadn't read it yet! LOL

These are my top resources and I've spent hours and hours on them! Hope this helps!


Thank you for posting your photos. I love the 360 rice sizer photo best. I also love the 5 out of 5 star rating you gave RealSelf! You are already familiar with some of these concepts, but here are some RealSelf links similar to what you have mentioned in your review:

Want To Know What You'd Look Like With D-Cups? [VIDEO] - how to make your own rice sizers at home.

Guide to Breast Implant Thank you for sharing all your helpful tips and resources. GetOptions - different profiles are explained.

Just Got Here? Your Urban Glossary For Breast Aug - what does drop and fluff mean?!

Thank you for sharing all your helpful tips and resources! Looking forward to your updates!



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I really appreciate your feedback Beth! I've spent so much time on RealSelf and it is definitely the best resource I've found so far for community. There is little to no negativity and their are no weirdos. I loved the links you posted!!!! What a great resource this site is :D
Heeling going well. I find wearing anything other then the surgical bra is uncomfortable. I need to invest in a few good sports bras. TH more movement the boobs have (like in my bathing suit) the more sensitive they are at the end of the day! My little ones have been great! Honestly its the hernia repair on my belly that has given me trouble. I got elbowed while reading stories on the side of my stomach. My little guy felt so badly. So they are both aware but still no idea I had a BA! One review I read said to carry a pillow over your chest the first week to make a physical reminder.

Video Review of the Natrelle Pre-Consultation Kit

I just posted an anonymous video review on YouTube for the Natrelle Breast Implant Pre-Consultation Kit.

I came upon the kit purely by accident and chose to do a review of the product to help other women who are struggling to find their perfect size.

I apologized for the length, but I anticipated as many questions as I could and tried to answer all of them in the video.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. If you don't want to post a question publicly on YouTube, ask them here on RealSelf!

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The Natrelle Profile Bra

Here are some pictures of the Natrelle Profile Bra.

If you haven't gone on your consultation yet, I strongly suggest you bring a white, black and brightly colored shirt. Each will give the Sizers a different look.

I'm surprised how big these look with a white shirt and how small they look with a black shirt. Something to consider.

If you do get this kit, make sure you bring this bra with you to your consultation. I would also bring a sports bra and an un-lined underwire bra. That way you can see what the sizers will look like with no bra (the profile bra is supposed to replicate this) and with your boobs pushed up.

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A Kids Perspective On Boobs

Last night I decided to wear my Profile Bra with the 375cc Rice Sizers in them. I wanted to wear them for a long time to see if I liked the size, which I felt, after 5 hours, were too big. Glad I chose 330cc!

Side Note: Rice is food and Cats like food. Cats will destroy your Rice Sizers to eat the food. LOL!

Anyway, my 5yo son has been fascinated with my 'nipples' since breastfeeding his baby brother. He really is referring to the entire breast, but because HE only has 'nipples' he doesn't quite get the difference. Last night, he was reclining on my Ricey Rack watching The Aquabats with me and said, "MOM! Your nipples are soft!" With lightening speed he put both hands on them and began to push them. I asked him, calmly, to remove his hands from my chest and reminded him that he was in my personal space. I told him that "Mommy put on a special bra with bean bags in them to see what size I like. In a couple of weeks, I'm going to get my breasts fixed and they are going to be round and soft for a long time." He began to laugh hysterically. Fast forward to lunch today. At the kitchen table my son asks, "Mom, did you take your soft nipples off?" We all laughed. Then I explained one more time that they are not called nipples.

My philosophy on talking to my kids about my breast augmentation:
It has been a strong conviction of mine that the over-sexualization of the breast has been one of the greatest tragedies of modern society. So I try to teach my boys that I'm not ashamed of my breasts. They are simply an organ to feed babies with. And now that I'm done feeding babies, I'm going to get them fixed.

I understand that the breast is a very attractive organ. It represents the power of childbirth and the power of our creation to nurture. That can be appealing. But I don't want my boys to grow up feeling like they are something for sex. I want them to feel nothing when they see a breastfeeding woman in public but respect and pride. So I remind my boys that my breasts are my personal space and aren't to be touched. But I don't treat them like a sexual object because they aren't.

What kind of stories do you ladies have in regards to your kids and this process?


Wow! I'm seriously impressed with your knowledge! Awesome review, girl! Funny I just read Smalltot's comment about her surgery date & when I first visited your page I immediately thought, "Hey I 'know' someone who's having surgery that day too!" I was thinking of Smalltots! It's just around the corner!
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My BA is scheduled for 8/29 too!
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That's so exciting!!! It will be nice to have someone going through it at the same time :D I'm headed over to check out your review now :)

Hanes Bandinis (2pk) on sale $9.99

At $5 a bra...that's a screaming deal! Check out this sale



Thanks... can you tell I'm a planner? ;) I was so glad she commented to let me know! I have spent a lot of time reading your comment section today. I actually planned time tomorrow to read your journey from start to finish...reading your review and comments in chronological order...I"m really exposing myself as a Class A Nerd! LOL! You are looking fantastic, Dis4Daphne! Maybe I'll just stay up late and read it tonight. I'm too excited to wait. :D
I just "re-shared" your link (credit to you, girl) for the Bandinis w Smalltots. (I'd forgotten you were one ted already) Thanks for sharing!
*forgotten you were connected already*

Free Shipping Code For Hanes

Free Shipping on all orders over $40 at www.Hanes.com

Promo Code: HANES40 (case sensitive)


Hello! I live in AZ too and based on your recommendation and his rating on RateMDs, I am going to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kay. I just wish he had a website too! Thank you for such a great review, very detailed.
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Your welcome! His staff is very loving and sweet. Good luck with your consultation and I'll keep everyone posted about the surgery and results :D Next Thursday! *Squeeee*
My consultation is booked for this next Tuesday! I can't wait to talk to him and see some pictures! Looking forward to hearing about your surgery.

Second PreOp Today!

Hi ladies! I had my second PreOp with my Dr today and it went beautifully. It was scheduled for Monday, but I wanted a sooner appointment in case I changed my mind about the size...again. I'm glad I did, because I couldn't remember what his professional opinion was. I mainly worked with his staff the first and second visits. He is such a caring and wonderful doctor. He took time to listen to my concerns, feelings and questions. He recommended that I go with my original choice of 360cc. He said that it would be perfect for me and would give me a great look and shape. That's what I'm going to do. I realize I've been all over the place with size, but he said that was normal and advised me to go with my gut feeling.

I cant wait! I was scared before, but listening to him talk and share his mission really put me at ease. I cant believe there are only 5-6 days left!


Sounds like you're ready for your surgery! Just in case, here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

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Thanks Beth! I cant believe I only have 3 days left to go! I still have some last minute shopping to do and a couple of Tshirts to alter. I'm very excited!
I'm finding this last few days is killing me! It's just hurry up and wait!
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3 Days To Go!

I really started to feel guilty about spending so much money on this surgery. I kept thinking, there are people I could just give this money to and there are things I can use this money for to help our family. I was just about to tell my husband that I thought we should cancel the surgery and donate the money or pay off some or debts (school loans, etc). He interrupted me and said that there wasn't any reason to feel guilty. There will always be people in need and there will always be bills to pay. "Whats the point of saving money if you can never do anything nice for yourself." He reminded me that he loves me and he doesn't want me to feel bad. He supports my decision and says that I've earned a treat for myself. He's such a great man... I'm so blessed.

I'm very excited about Thursday's surgery. My Dr is so amazing and I feel like I'm in good hands. Have a new video tutorial I'm working on. Hopefully I'll get it up by this afternoon!


Our surgery dates are closely approaching... I hope you are doing well ;) I'm having trouble sleeping.. Nervous/excited!
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Here's my New Tutorial: How To Make Rice Sizers!

I made an incredibly amazing discovery! If you use HIGH QUALITY knee high stockings, you'll get a HIGH PROFILE sizer! If you use a LOW QUALITY knee high stockings, you'll get a MODERATE PROFILE sizer! Now you CAN have an accurate sizer... I took mine into a PO appointment and my sizers were almost identical in size to the gel sizers. The staff was really impressed. Who says I cant have my cake and eat it too?! ;)

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Natrelle Profile Bra Review Direct Link


Two more days!!!! Good luck!
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Thanks CAsummergirl! *happy dance*
Holy cow girl! You're a genius!
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My First Mammogram!

Hi ladies! Today I had my very first mammogram in preparation for my surgery on Thursday. I wasn't terribly nervous bc I'm not normally nervous about stuff like that, but the idea of having my small boobs SMOOSHED between two metal plates was not exciting. Turns out the machine they used was one of the latest with plastic plates which have "give" in them. Whew! They tech did a great job and my insurance covered 80% of the cost. So it only ends up being around $35 dollars for me. w00t! I'm feeling so confident about my decision and really looking forward to Thursday's surgery. Hope you all are having a great day.


Hi. Don't you think doctors know more about you and everyone of us in that field? Because we see women with Salines and they are fine does not mean they are better than silicone. My opinion, look at medical sites and decide for yourself. You know, my doctor is very good and of course I had the tumor so he was limited to some things as for example the incision, and so I did not look into best results enough. He told me what he was going to use, approximately because he uses sizes in surgery and decide the best for me. He also told me that the profile would be high which was mod+ when I got the warranty paper. Well, at first I though they were huge and I was glad he did not go bigger, I got 175cc. But after the swelling went down, not very long because i had overs, I do not like the spacing between them. And this is because of the small size. He insisted that I am very narrow chested , well I am a small person anyway, but my breasts used to be a perfect size for my frame, so now I know I could have gone bigger and with a wider profile. Look at the picture in the black bathing suit, they do not look natural, actually kind of weird. I wish I had looked more into that but how would I know about the spacing so I could emphasize the result I want? After I saw that on me I realized that there are many things we should have in mind for the results we want. Now, it is too late for me, but it is not for you. Wish you luck in your decision.
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Thank you Vannatoo!
I met with Dr. Kay today and he is pretty awesome. I'll update my review in more detail tomorrow.
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Everything was going fine until I got on the internet...

There should be a webpage dedicated to good days being challenged by the internet. I was doing great and really excited about my operation but then the internet happened. Also, I told my best friend about the procedure and all she said was..."wow." Then she wouldn't reply to my texts. So, I'm hoping that its just because she's busy with the kids and cant get back to me. Her disapproval and not having her support in prayer for my safety would definitely make it difficult to salvage the day. I don't expect people to agree with my decision, but I would hope that when I ask them to pray for my safety they would still be supportive. Most of my friends and family have been. SO! Here's hoping that I'm just being overly sensitive! I've still holding onto the strings of my good day!


I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. :)
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Thank you so much Mermain! My surgery went fantastic. I have little no pain and i"m up and around. Not doing anything strenous just walking around the house for a few minutes at a time.
Hopefully your best round is just swamped, as you said. If she's in shock about the idea, just give her time. You mentioned that most of your friends and family are supportive, so just focus on you right now. I hope you can end your day on a good note! . I'd recommend a glass of wine but you're probably not supposed to eat or drink... so hold on to that thought for later. I'm thinking of you & praying for a great surgery & quick healing!
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BOOBIES!!! I cant believe I did it! Best Day EVAR!

I went into this surgery not feeling at all nervous. I even ran into old acquaintances in the waiting room that I have not seen in 14 years. That was so much fun! My nurses were amazing and even caressed my arms gently and lovingly while I was drifting in to sleep. Before the surgery, my doctor came in all smiles and my anesthesiologist was joking with me and having a good time. I woke up with no pain, I've had no nausea and I've been very comfortable. For any of you who are PostOp and experiencing nausea, I found a trick that has worked for me. I make sure that I always have something in my tummy. (Kinda like when your pregnant.) I bought a bunch of applesauce pouches and I'm sipping on those. I also mixed Sprite with Welch's ApplePineaplleOrange juice. Delicious! That's what working for me. Also, for those of you who are still going to consultations to find a Doctor, ask them if they do a pain pump. I received a pain pump that will be removed tomorrow. I think that is why I'm not having to take a lot of my pain meds and thusly, avoiding nausea. Bye for now! :D

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Shoutout to Smalltots!

Smalltots had her surgery today, peeps! The customer service has been lousy and has taken a lot of joy out of this special day for her... would you please head over to her review and send her some love in the comment section. I'd love to help salvage this special day!!! Thanks everyone, BIG HUGS! (you can find a direct link to her review in my comments section below)


You are such a great friend for the Shout Out for Smalltots...especially on your surgery day! Congratulations to you too! Try not to worry about your friends simple response to your surgery. There may be a lot more feelings, incuding jealousy, behind that "wow." Thank you for your wonderful updates...videos and all! Good luck with the pain pump removal! 

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Thank you so much BethH for all your support. It helps when people chime in with reassurance. It helps the rejection fade into understanding. I know she still loves me. You've been so wonderful! I was sad that they were going to remove the pain pump so early, but I must have misunderstood yesterday in my sleepy recovery because they told me to keep it in until it was gone! Yay! I LOVE this thing and recommend people find a doctor that uses one. I'm so thankful for RealSelf.com... It's the best!
Glad to hear that you don't have pain. That is awesome and definitely the pain pump! Because it is really painful, it will pass, I am sure. Dr mobley said I am where I would be and all is well. I see him next Wednesday. Sleep well
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Post Op Appointment

Everyone was so please with how I was doing! My appointment went great and I was thankful they wanted me to keep the pain pump in. There's still a ton of medication left and I wanted to use it all. I must have misunderstood them yesterday when I stated they were going to remove it today. I blame the drugs! I have had ZERO nausea, ZERO pain, and ZERO negativity. My breasts look phenomenal and the Dr Kay was so surprised at how soft my breast are already. I told them that I have a high pain tolerance and I pray and meditate a lot. I wasn't even nervous going into the surgery. I was totally at peace. I slept like a baby last night... Here's a tip. Use a Neck Pillow! I havent slept that good in ages! Anyhow Here are some Pictures of my post op Boobies! Thank you to all who have been an amazing support system for me. I don't know what I would have done without you! :D *heart*


So happy to hear you got to keep the pain pump a bit longer. Thank you for the great neck pillow tip. You look great in your photos! Now try and take it easy so your body can heal!  ;)

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I definitely pushed myself too hard yesterday, so I appreciate the reminder to relax. Today, I did nothing!
I'm so glad surgery went well for you! You look great! What size did u end up with? I told you- it's like breast feeding pain! If you are so pain free now you are going to be doing fantastic so soon! Yay for your toddler and cats understanding! Again, they look great! Yay!!!!!
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Over Did It Yesterday!

Yesterday I was putting dishes in the dishwasher and folding some light laundry. NOT GOOD. I started to feel my breasts harden and become sore! I didn't feel like I was exerting myself at all, but I quickly iced my boobs on and off for the rest of the day and took my muscle relaxers close together according to the prescription. Everything is fine, but I learned my lesson. No matter how good you feel, don't do any unnecessary work. My breasts are really starting to soften and the bruising is nearly gone. I have one small hematoma that is still there, but my pain pump is out and my stitches are healing nicely. I still have no pain and no nausea.

My first thought, my boobs are gorgeous. My second thought, they aren't as big as I thought they would be. My third thought, they still have to drop and fluff. My fourth thought, my boobs are gorgeous. LOL!


So how is your pain level now that the pain pump is out? Hope your still feeling well. Any troubles with your toddler? Are you still able to cuddle him? Sorry for so many questions... LOL.

Post Operative Bloat????

So, did any of you ladies experience a huge bloating after surgery? I feel like my belly looks like I'm 6 months pregnant! I imagine it could be from the fluids they give you and because of the constipating effect of the narcotics. Here I was thinking my boobs would make my 'donut' look smaller but...Hahahaha!

I would have to say the best part of looking down at my chest is seeing how far away the 'donut' is from my breasts. I've never had to look so far to see it! Still, the bloating part is weird. I cant wait to get back to the gym!


While I can't speak from experience (yet) I read a lot of ladies experience bloat after their surgery. Thanks for the continued updates. I'm watching your updates close because you have a little one like I do and I've picked the same dr you did. :)
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Thanks! Im having a hard time fitting into my jeans and thought it was due to the fluids and narcotics. But I was surprised by how prominent it was. Today was much better and I was able to hold my little one without the wiggling bothering me. Just trying to keep him distracted with lots of easy activities for mom, like coloring, books, board games (that he cant really play but whatever), shows and trips to see friends. My husband is on a forced vacation so that helps too. Isn't Dr. Kay amazing! I couldn't believe how wonderful my results were just on the first day. I don't really have frankenboob and very minimal bruising. I'm glad that you like him as well. Plus, you get a free facial at 6 weeks PO and another 1 year PO. I just love him!

Yeah...good to hear!!  :)

Side By Side

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Side By Side

Lets try this photo upload again!


You look beautiful! Congrats and thank you again for all of your support ;)
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Thank you, Mediumtots ;) I think about you everyday. You're just the sweetest person! *heart*
I can't wait to see em after they drop!!! I'm so happy for you!! Omg haha And like every review I've read said they've had major bloating!!
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Another Before and After with BLOATING! Good Grief!!!wes

Loving my new boobs!

The bloating is so bad that I can barely squeeze into my pants.... but the bright side is that I CAN BARELY SQUEEZE INTO MY OLD TOPS!


sorry it took so long to get back to you! How did your appt go? It really is hard to decide isnt it. I was glad that my final decision and initial selection was in line with the Dr's. I love my new figure. I notice that my breasts keep looking bigger and bigger everyday because the muscles are finally relaxing. So I'm being pleasantly surprised!

Strange Week Emotionally

I've been so happy about my surgery and my experience and I've tried to keep everyone posted. But Wednesday morning we received some terrible news so my posts have been short. I'll try to post another update about my Post Op appt. but everything is going well. I'm healing well, feeling great, and slowly losing the bloat. Whew!


So sorry you had some bad news. :( glad your recovery is going well! Not looking forward to the post surgery bloating...but at least I know if it happens it is normal now.
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Thanks Iris34! We are still a little raw from the news and everyone here on RealSelf has been so sweet. My bloating is fading now and I'm not having too many issues getting into my pants anymore :D I suppose I'm 11 day PO now and Ive read it can take between 10 and 14 days for it too go away.
Sorry about your bad news:( tke care
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What happened to last week?!

Well, last week was, for sure, a blur! I had a PO appt last Friday, on the 6th, and my PS told me that everything was going exactly as it should. He gave me some very non-aggressive massages to do until next month when I'll get the new techniques. I can tell that I have pushed myself too hard over the last 3 days because I noticed my right breast is settling nicely but my left breast is still high and tight. I was a bit worried about this but I'm icing her and massaging her a bit more than the other one. I will be resting today and not doing anything, but move one load of laundry from the washer to the dryer. I promised myself I wouldn't even fold the clothes!!! :P

I talked to my PS prior to the surgery about receiving regular sutures as apposed to dissolvable ones. In my long history of stitches, the dissolvable ones NEVER dissolve! I can still feel my stitches from my hernia repair (performed 5 years ago) poking around in my belly button! I did have to have the dissolvable stitches for the deep tissue closure (standard) but for the dermal stitching I used the the other kind and I have to say that I prefer them. These stitches are much more comfortable and I cant believe how little my scarring is. I have to return to the office this Friday to get them removed and I will post more pics of the incision area to show you all what a great job he did ;)

I feel like I'm all over the place today with this post!!! I'm not even on my meds anymore.

Thank you all for your kind words. I didn't want to divulge the nature of the bad news bc I didn't want to sensationalize the event or appear to be selfish. I just didn't want to make it about me, but I really did need a little kindness and being able to reach out a bit here on RealSelf was just what I needed. Thanks so much! *hugs*


Sorry to hear
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My Fave PO Bras!

The Fruit of The Loom Bra is a great bra but extremely hard to find. If you come across them at Walmart grab a couple!

The Hanes Bandini is awesome! Love Love Love! I wear it under everything when I go out :D


Sorry you had bad news. Thank you so much, you're helping me a lot. Bless You.
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DOH! *Forehead Slap*

I just took some pictures with my nice camera and the tripod because I'm incredibly Meticulous and wanted to figure out what the heck is going on with my right breast.

Yes, I have too much time on my hands...but I swear I've done mommy stuff too today... Built towers, played dozens of puzzles and made snacks, soooooo * bites lip, shifty eyes*

Anyway! I took some pictures a realized the problem! Its not that my left breast is tighter, it's actually dropped a bit. The right breast is higher and tighter, so when I look down there's the optical illusion of it being smaller. Which means, I've been massaging the WRONG BOOBY!

sigh... sometimes I wonder about myself.

Also, I'm right handed, so it makes perfect sense that the right breast is tighter from those muscles not relaxing enough. I don't know why that didn't occur to me until now.


Looking great! I had no idea dissolvable stitches never really dissolve. Glad I'm getting the regular ones. Worth stating till 1 week post op to make sure things are ok and to let the PS/nurse remove the stitches. You are very meticulous and investing well in your rack to figure our the discrepancies of the two. :) At least now you can focus more in massaging the correct one!
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I was laughing so hard at myself! Well the stitches ARE supposed to dissolve, I'm just weird. ;)
Looking good!
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Dissolvable Stitches

Dissolvable Stitches:

I just want to be really clear that they ARE supposed to dissolve and how it works, just in case someone reads my update and gets a little scared or confused....

When dissolvable stitches are placed internally, the body recognizes it as a foreign object and works to break it down. They start to break down in 1-2 weeks, then fully by three months. I'm the only person any of my doctors (about a dozen of them who have given me stitches/removed stitches) they have met whose internal and external dissolvable stitches didn't dissolve. So i'm kind of a freak ;) LOL

When the dissolvable stitches are on the skin, the part of the stitch that touches the inside of your body is dissolved and the part outside remains intact. So when you remove the steri-strips (surgical tape) covering the incision, the stitches that didn't dissolve come off with the tape effortlessly leaving smooth skin.

Soooo... "Its not you, Dissolvable Stitches, its me." Sorry if I confused anyone!


Hi :) thank you so much for your informative review. I am 21 days away from surgery and I am getting so scared! I keep questioning myself, is this the right thing to do. My hubby is already against it and if something goes wrong I can just imagine what will happen. BUT then I read a review like yours and I feel so much better. I really do hope I get great results like you. You are looking so gorgeous. Happy healing xx
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Thank you so much! Thats very kind of you. I am doing very well in my recovery. I too felt a kind of guilt. I was worried about my kids if something went wrong. However, I did my research and spent a lot of time on Real Self talking to encouraging women and by the time I reached my surgery date, I had NO fear. The good news is that if you have been forthcoming with your PS about your medical history then you will be fine. Complications are so rare that my husband said that my odds were in my favor. It is very very very very rare. Keep reading "positive" reviews and make sure you trust your doctor completely. Try to stay away from reviews that stir up fear or of reviews where the person seems a little off. I found the best people here and following their journeys help me a great deal. If all your ducks are lined up, you should have very little to worry about. I hope your husband's concern will be alleviated too! Thanks again for your sweet words and encouragement.
How are you doing? Thinking about you and hope all is well. Tomorrow is my big day! Hope Dr. Kay is having a good day! LOL.
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Shout Out to Mermaid_Dancing!

Hey Everyone! Please stop by this amazing woman's Review and show her some love! She just had her surgery yesterday!


Thanks for the shout out Outlaw! You're the best Boobie friend! :)
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Favorite Bandini! 12 Days PO

I never get tired of looking at my two new BFF's! I just cant wait til they even out. Must...Be...Patient...

I told another reviewer that its like "your boobs are in a race against each other."


You too! I'm so glad I found you here *heart*

My Favorite Tank Top! 19 PO

I love this tank top because it looks normal on me now. I look like a normal woman! I love that. Im very pleased with my size :D

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Essential Oils & A Conversation With My Brain "Shut up, Brain!"

I cant even believe how time is flying by and I'm sorry I haven't been able to pop on and give an update. I really wanted to talk about my incisions and my right breast breast today to address the key things that are on my mind.

Firstly, my incisions. I had my stitches removed last Friday, the 13th. It was such a relief! They were beginning to feel super tight and very uncomfortable. As I posted earlier, I had normal stitches, not the dissolvable ones. (Normally, a week after your surgery, your stitches come free when the tape is removed, so most of you will not be able to relate.) Removing the stitches made the incisions feel more relaxed and the tightness was relieved. The feeling afterward was an extreme sensitivity of the nipples. I had been covering my nipples with gauze this whole time to try and keep them from being rubbed. But even that didn't seem to help.

So here's what I did. I had ordered some Essential Oils from my close friend to prevent scarring and to help her out. I've never used anything like this before, not even Bio Oil. So I don't have anything to compare it too, but WOW! These oils are amazing. In the picture of my incisions (12 Days PO vs. 19 Days PO) you can see the scabbing and the dry skin vs the pink healthy skin. Ewww! Sorry, I know its gross. The amazing thing is that I put a concentrated version of the oil combination on my nipples by accident, then put the gauze over them. I began reading the directions more closely and realized that I was supposed to dilute it. Oops! So I went back to the mirror and removed the gauze and all of the scabbing and dead skin WIPED off, leaving this beautiful pink tissue showing! This was just 5 minutes after I applied it! I've been using the diluted oil all over my entire breast because it promotes good breast health and it makes them look amazing ;)

I am amazed that nature provides us with such an amazing array of things to heal our bodies. I purchased Lavender, Lemongrass, and Geranium...I diluted it with a refined Coconut Oil from the same company. Concentrated, I could barely stand the smell. But diluted, its very relaxing and my husband loves it. He never comments on my perfumes... probably bc he doesn't care for them. But he told me that whatever I put on, he really liked it. I've been using it for three days now and the left incision looks great. The right incision still looks swollen and red but I have been over using my arm. Thus causing irritation and tightness.

Which brings me to my next obsession! The right breast! Here's a conversation I had with my Brain today.

Me: Their lopsided!
Brain: It's your dominant side and you are Over-doing-it. Your muscles are tighter on that side and swollen. Just relax and rest.
Me: The right side's incision looks awful!
Brain: You're irritating it by moving your arm so much, Dummy.
Me: The right side is smaller!!!
Brain: Stop worrying! You talked to your PS about it. Be patient...do you need me to look the word up for you?
Me: Shut up, Brain! If you're so smart, why did you just tell me to pee my pants.
Brain: You DO realize that you just typed that on RealSelf.
Me: Its a joke, moron.
Brain: Shut up.
Me: You, shut up.

All joking aside:
I realize that this obsession is probably another case of my overly critical nature towards my body. I am not experiencing anything unusual or uncommon. It must be that part of me that questions myself. Did I communicate my concern clearly enough to the nurse? Yes. I told her about my right side being smaller and she told me that would be corrected in surgery. I have to trust my PS and I'm going to have to put all of that worry away for several months until we can truly see the final results.

I'm sure one of you ladies can give me a good Virtual-Slap and say "You're fine. It WILL drop and fluff like the other one. Snap out of it, sister!"

I absolutely love you all in a way that I never thought I could love complete strangers. Thank you for all of your kind words, your humor and your support! Hope you all are doing well today! *Hugs & Hearts*


Wow-I am so surprised to see another woman that had the pain pumps after BA! A lot of people told me "those are NEVER used unless you have reconstruction". It made me feel selfish. But I swear they are so great and worth the extra bit of $. And you look amazing!!!
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I have a pain pump too and I think it's amazing. I'm so glad my PS uses it. I don't have anything to compare the pain to but I know I feel very comfortable. I still take the pain pills and muscle relaxer but I truly believe it cuts the pain in half. We shouldn't have to suffer! :)
I wish every woman knew that the pain pumps are available! Best things ever!

The Dreaded Tender Boobs

So at the 2 week mark I started having The Dreaded Tender Boobs. After reading D is for Daphne's post, my suspicions about my menses making it worse were confirmed. "Stupid reproductive organ. How dare you keep my hormones regulated and keep from menopause..." LOL! It was awful being crampy, bloated from surgery, then bloated from Aunt Flow, back aches, boob soreness, tenderness and backaches. That's when I took a couple more pain killers. I hadn't taken them since the first 24 hours after surgery, but my menses kicked my @$$. Anyway, I could barely touch them. They were sensitive from the nipple, down and wearing the Bandini's felt like wearing Sand Paper. CAsummergirl mentioned this in her review so I was prepared...but what I wasn't prepared for was the shower. What had felt like bliss the week before, now felt like tiny fingers flicking the heck out of my tender milk makers. I cursed every tiny stream of water pouring from our $300 Rainforest Shower Head and longed for the $20 Hand Held Shower Head with the gentle trickle setting. My nipples felt like they were being tenderized! It didn't help that my husband had (and has) been all over me too. Well, actually it does help...a little...he loves me and them and that makes me feel good. BUT one night as I sat on the couch topless enjoying the feeling of NOTHING touching my aching skin, he reached over to touch one. Wrong move. Without turning away from the TV, I replied "If you touch my breasts....I will kill you." There was a moment of silence between us, then fits of laughter. Which made my boobs hurt again. Stupid happiness. Anyway, its getting better. If you haven't invested in a $20 Hand Held Shower head with that cool 5 settings feature, please consider it! You'll thank me later ;)

My favorite is from Walmart and it had a trickle setting, a soft shower (bliss) setting and an aerated stream which feels like bubbles. Pollenex Microban Handheld for $24. Awesome.


That last post about hubby touching them was pretty funny. Sorry you and the girls weren't feeling so great.
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Thanks, its been getting better, little by little, each day.  ;)  
OH that Aunt Flo! & don't make me buy a new shower head, now! Ha ha!
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Has it been a month already?!

Sorry I haven't updated in a week, but I've been pretty busy getting the kids healthy. In Arizona, you would think that we couldn't have a cold season because, as of last week, it was still 90 degrees. However, the kids got some nasty colds and were not sleeping well. Poor babies.

I have been struggling with disappointment because as the weeks go by I'm starting to notice that the stupid right breast is smaller and it has dropped and fluffed a bit. They still have a month or more to go, but here's why I'm concerned...

Two weeks prior to surgery, I told the nurse that I wanted to make sure that my size difference was corrected. She responded "You don't need to worry about that. Because you are getting saline, the doctor will fix both breasts to match during surgery." I told her how important it was to me and she said "the Doctor will take care of it." She smiled and I thought "Great! I don't have to bring it up or pester them with my insecurity because it will be 'taken care of'." So I didn't mention it again.

Then a week before the surgery I called the nurse in charge of ordering the implants and asked her when the cut off date was for ordering the implants. I told her that I really needed to talk to the Doctor one more time and I was most likely going to change my size so I needed to get in before the cut off date. She got me in the friday before my surgery and I talked to the doctor who recommended I change my size just as my intuition had guided me to. So we decided from a 330 to 360. It was settled.

I had the surgery done and a week later I got my implant cards. (I was already starting to notice that the right breast was smaller.) I decided to be patient and wait, but the implant card said that they were 330's filled to 360. She ordered the wrong size! I know what she was probably thinking, "Well, the 330 can be filled to 360. That means I don't have to cancel the order and reorder the new ones." But what she didn't bother doing was talking to the other nurse who would have reminded her about the size difference and correction.

I would not be upset at all if the implants were a 360, bc they could go in and add more to the right breast. No problem. But bc the implants are the wrong size and filled to the maximum recommendation the only solution is to withdrawal fluid from the left breast WHICH IS PERFECT AND I DON'T WANT TO CUT IT OPEN AGAIN. The left breast is almost completely healed, the scars are perfection and it looks fabulous!

Anyway, I know it's not a big deal, but I was really looking forward to the size correction. Its about a half cup size difference right now which means I'll have to use a chicken cutlet on the right size to fill whatever bra I purchase. Not looking forward to that. My doctor and nurses are amazing. I know it's just a simple mistake, but I feel extremely disappointed. With myself, for not bugging them all about it and with the nurse who ordered the wrong size. Here's to hoping I can GET OVER IT! ;) I still look great and they were like this before so I shouldn't be upset about it now, right? In a way, They make me look more natural, right? Right?! *tentative smile* LMBO!

Hope you all are well! Love and Hugs!

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Bigger Pics!

Heres are the pictures individually so you girls using your smart phones and tablets can see them better!


Hey Girly!! I hope your doing well! Was just thinking about you and wanted to stop by and say HI! :)
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Hope your family is feeling better after being sick. Try not to be so hard on yourself about the implant size issue. It really wasn't your fault. You look great in your photos, although we'd love an update when you have time. Take care and thinking of you!

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So how are the boobies looking/feeling now? I have my BA scheduled for Dec. 5th. So scared and excited!!!
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Tucson Plastic Surgeon

My consultation was wonderful! Dr Peter Kay spent quite a bit of time talking to me. He was professional, kind, thorough and is a perfectionist. I am very excited about my upcoming BA procedure! Now that my procedure is over, I'm feeling sad. BECAUSE I WON'T GET TO SEE MY DOCTOR AS OFTEN ANYMORE! Dr Kay is one of the the kindest and most talented surgeons Ive met. I come from a family of medical professionals and can spot the good ones. He has a compassionate bedside manner and listens to every question. He answers them thoughtfully and takes your desires into his professional opinion. I never had to wait for my appointments, I never had to hold to speak to someone and I was allowed to take the time I needed trying on sizers. The staff was kind and extremely knowledgable. My results are perfection! I'm looking forward to all my follow up appointments just so I can see my doctor again. He is truly a wonderful man!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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