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Botox Gave Me Ear Pressure and Ringing - Tualatin, OR

This is my 4th time receiving botox in my forhead...

This is my 4th time receiving botox in my forhead and 11's. I hadn't had it in a year because I don't love the way it feels but I feel my wrinkles make me look so mad and grumpy that I broke down and had it again by the same injector. This time it worked in 2 days and on the 3rd day I woke up and my left ear felt muffled and the right felt extra sensitive to sound. My injector told me I probably had a plugged eustacian tube and to call my Primary care doctor. She said in NO WAY could the botox travel to my ear. I don't believe her one bit! I have NEVER had ear problems. I do suffer from Vestibular Migraine and for the last 6 years have dealt with dizziness due to them and if this ear pressure and ringing doesn't go away I think it is going to send me over the edge. Is there ANYONE out there that had this happen and did it go away when the Botox wore off? I pray to God every minute of the day to please let this horrible feeling wear off. If it does I swear I will NEVER get Botox again! Please can someone give me some information?

Hi Jan. Doctors will deny it is the botox causing these symptoms but they're wrong. An unfortunate few of us are extremely sensitive to this drug. I loved my cosmetic results so much that I continued getting injections over the course of three years. I wanted so badly to believe that the Botox wasn't the culprit. Each subsequent injection caused more severe side effects than the previous ones. I felt like my nervous system had been napalmed the last time. I had symptoms of severe inflammation throughout my system. Among these symptoms were tinnitus and blocked ears. Unfortunately, the only thing that will help you is time. It certainly doesn't hurt to follow an anti inflammatory diet to assist your body in healing. We're all snowflakes. It is surprising that medical doctors are in such denial about Botox's ability to cause extremely disturbing side effects in some people.

Did you receive my reply? Did all your symptoms go away when the Botox wore off? I'm praying everyday that my ears will return to normal! This is driving me crazy!!!
I really need some sort of positive answer that this is not going to last forever. I read a few posts where people said they had permanent damage to their ears. This is causing me so much anxiety! How long did yours last?
Jan Maybe

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