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I have now had 3 VI Peels and after years of...

I have now had 3 VI Peels and after years of searching for creams, lasers and any product that promised to get rid of my hyperpigmentation and acne scars, I have finally found my true love:0) The VI Peel is magical! After 1 VI Peel, my hyperpigmentation was reduced by 90%! I have since then had 2 more peels and I have never felt more confident about my skin! I get compliments all the time and I have shared my experiences with all of my friends. I have many friends that have received the VI Peel as well and they LOVE it just as much as I do. I am now scheduling 2 more peels over the next couple of months to get rid of the sun spots on my chest and arm area. I don't know how many more I need, but I will do whatever my RN tells me to. The VI Peel is the greatest peel on the market. Nothing else compares and believe me, I've spent thousands of dollars trying to find the right product. Thank goodness I finally did!

Had you ever tried any other peels?

Yes! I've tried many. TCA, Glycolic, Salicylic, Jessners and the list goes on. Obagi as well, but the prep, the straight acid and the gimmic blue doesnt hold a candle. Nothing penetrates dermal like the VI Peel with the results as well as the numbing. The peeling I get from VI is incredible. My sun spots got darker, dried up and fell off. Almost every day I have someone ask me what my secrets are for having such great skin. I've told many friends and strangers about the VI Peel and my friends that have received it are amazed and hooked like me. Have you tried chem peels before? I so...what kinds.

Yes, I have done peels. You can click through to my profile to see my review. Glad you are so happy with Vi.

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