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Things I Need Before LIPO/ Breast Augmentation Procedures! Please Add.. - Troy, MI

Liposuction/ Breast Augmentation grocery...

Liposuction/ Breast Augmentation grocery lists:

Veggie soup
Chicken soup
Raisin bran cereal
Fat free milk
Gatorade (grape, fruit punch)
Bottled water
Crystal light packets
Fruit: Strawberries, grapes, peaches, plums, bananas
Wheat bread
Ham slices (low sodium)
Salad mix
Fat free dressing (ranch n Italian)
Asparagus, tomatoes ..............

Whole Foods/CVS:
Arnica gel/ pills (both)
Stool softener
Ice packs
Heat packs

Stage 2 Marena Garment - needed later

Surgery changed!! Happy!

Surgery changed!! Happy!

I just received my arnica pills and gel. I will...

I just received my arnica pills and gel. I will start taking them on Monday. I went to the grocery store and bought most of this list just a few items left. I'm going to cook and clean all day and night Wednesday. This will keep my anxious mind occupied!! Nerves are starting to replace my excitement. I'm slightly worried how I will handle the larger breasts. Also how much pain and recovery I will need for the lipo!! I know the end result will be amazing but I have a bad case of the what if's!!!
Sterling Heights Plastic Surgeon

So far so good pre-op appt 4/5/2013

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How did the surgery go? How do you feel? Your pics look fantastic
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Thanks! It went well until they had trouble bringing me out of the anesthesia. Once I was n post op I was fine. My fiancé was there to take care of me. So far do good. I can't wait for these bad boys to drop. The lipo incisions are what's hurting the most. I am still getting nauseated and this itching is the worst. Even still I wouldn't change a thing!!!!
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I'm SO about to copy your list haha thanks girlie! :) Oh, add pineapple to your list of fruits- they say it reduces swelling and helps dissolve blood clotting ;)
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Thanks!!! I'm so adding pineapple to the list. We will be healing buddies!!! Lol
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Hey girl. I have a question....what are the Arnica pills/gel and what are they used for?
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I've been reading about them on here I asked my doctor he fully supports me using them. Here is a description that gives you information. Arnica is a Homeopathic Medicine (pills and gel form) that helps alleviate (Neck, Back, Shoulder & Leg, Muscle Pain & Stiffness, Swelling from Injuries, Bruising Great for Massage as itWorks Naturally with Your Body). It works to reduce bruising and swelling to promote faster healing times.
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Cool. I got some today and just took my second dose. I had my first post op appointment today and asked the nurse about them and she said yes by all means get them. I hope it does what it says its going to do.lol
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Me too!! I just ordered gel and pills. Gonna start taking them as soon as possible. Good luck!!!
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