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I had lost weight, there were months of stress...

I had lost weight, there were months of stress prior to my decision, my neck, smile lines were really showing the burden I had been going through. I always had deep smile lines compared to others my age and I always wanted to do something about them. This 'lift' seems to be just what I needed at the time.

The first two to three days, I was asking myself, 'why did you do this?'. I live alone, so I did all the after surgery care. The worst was trying to sleep. But, after those first days, my face and attitude got better and better. No, you DO NOT see the difference in one week! I learned to cover the bruises on my neck and cheeks, and no one (except an adult child and close friend) even knew what I had done.

In two weeks I was back to work, church, shopping, etc. My face was quite 'tight' looking for awhile, but has relaxed now. I don't look like the ads, but then again I am not very photogenic (spelling?) For several months, friends who hadn't seen me would say, 'you look great!'. Now after seven months, people usually say, 'you're look nice'.

My advice to anyone considering this procedure, be prepared, it is not 'a piece of cake', but follow the before and after care instructions and everything will work out for the better.


Great to see you are so thrilled. Thanks for pointing out the obvious truth about Facelift type surgery (which is what LSL offers): despite the nature of the marketing, Lifestyle Lift has not found a way to speed up the healing process. This is no surprise to anyone, but we appreciate your comments.
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Wow Monroe,

You are much luckier than others. Thanks for the update :)


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the only scars that would be visible are in front of each ear and under the chin. However, I purchase two brands of 'scar cream'; one @ pharmacy over the counter and one on line. I kept the area covered when I was in the sun (surgery was in April) so basically, there is nothing visible in front of my ears, what shows up under by chin is smaller than the scar a son has in the same place after hitting his chin on the side of the pool when he was young. As far as behind the ears, the scars are 'tucked' in with the ear. I can't see them, so I'm not concerned and no one has said anything when I pull my hair up and away from my neck. I have difficulty even when I try to see them with a mirror.
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