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Nearing 50, and it showed so I opted for the mini...

Nearing 50, and it showed so I opted for the mini lift. Did NOT work, waste of money. Painful injections. Doctor not available except at surgery. Their solution was redoing surgery, at a cost of course.

I had the procedure done several years ago.  Only minimal improvement.  office assistant had me stand in front of a mirror and showed me how I would look afterwards.  I requested to see the doctor but told he was unavailable and all surgeries on performed the same way.  I called, went back a few times showing them there was no change.  LSL said they would "redo" the procedure, at a cost of course, to the tune a few more thousand.  Never was able to see the doctor before or after, just during the surgery.  The facial injections were excruciating.  I suggest you pay a bit more and get a regular facelift.  Even if you see some improvement, it is VERY short lived. 1)  It does not do what it claims to do. 2) doctor never available 3) you are dealing with NON medical professionals .  Picture shows me smiling but when I don't...the jowls are horrible!

I had the same results....I had my LL a few years ago with no change. I was so upset I threatened to sue so they did see me again. After meeting with the Dr and clinic manager they did the lift over. I should have neck is stringy looking (went back many times) also I have one ear lobe attached to my face and the other one turns up. I have stitches on the sides of my face that you can feel through my skin. When I get a facial I have to explain. When I was trying to talk to them about my ear lobes they wouldn't call back. I would not recommend LL to anyone.

I'm so sorry for what you've gone through. :( Do you have plans to try anything else with a different doctor?


Hi True, so if I am reading your review correctly, you had this done and then had it done again??? Twice??? Whew, you are very brave, one round of the shots in the face were more than enough for me. After the 2nd time, you still have not had suitable results? When did you have it done originally and the revision was done when? I know I am asking a lot of questions but there are many women out there who will be looking at your review and since you had it done twice and are still not happy, I think that the time-line is important for women to see that the results do not last. Please tell us more. And all total for both surgeries, how much did you spend? Thanks, Chrystal
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