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It's Been the Boost I've Needed to Regain my Self-confidence

I was feeling bad about how I looked. I felt young...

I was feeling bad about how I looked. I felt young on the inside, but when I'd saw myself in a mirror, it made me depressed to see my sagging turkey neck and deep marionette smile lines. I did it to improve my appearance which in turn would make feel more self confident and satisfied. I also have 2 step children in their teens and I looked more like their grandma than their mom. That bothered me. I've always been proud of my appearance and have taken care of myself over the years. I was unable to change my appearance no more matter how many products I bought and used on my face and skin.

I love my new look. I look 10 years younger and feel it too. I smile more and interact with people more confidently. My husband is amazed at how much younger I look and how much my appearance has changed. He's pleased with the results too. He was extremely supportive from the day I told him I wanted the procedure. It did hurt to have the numbing shots, but I'd do it again. It was worth the pain.

The cost was not as high as I thought it would be and I got 0% financing which was marvelous! I was very sore for a 2-3 days, but the pains pills helped ease the pain. I was off the pain pills within 3 days. Sleeping with the head wrap with a chin support was annoying, but not painful. Overall, I feel that it is worth every penny I spent and any pain I endured. My appearance change is great and I am extremely satisfied.

Dr. Cavelier and Dr. Kent

Master surgeon, Extremely experienced, Very Knowledgeable, Many areas of expertise in medicine, and a Very caring and supportive staff

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