My Face Lift Looks Like Nothing Was Done

The place was nice to talk to someone for a...

The place was nice to talk to someone for a consultation, everything you wanted it to look like they will do it, Bull!

I went back cause they left what looked like a bubble on the right cheek, and had done what they called a revision, which was worse, now I have scars drooping down from my ears, right one is real bad, when I showed the Dr. there he just said "oh well you has a revision no more I can Do". No one could ever tell I had anything done even the before and after pictures looked the same.

I even called the founder of the place cause the pamplet said he will give you his personal guarantee, and all he did was have the nurse call me like I was being a bother to him, with the experience I had here I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone.


Hi Peggy
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I would like to talk to you off this site. Its good news
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Peggy, I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. Thank you for posting your story, you saved me from this procedure. I was seriously considering to have this lifestyle lift until I read your review and others. I hope in time, things will get better for you. Take care.
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Can anyone tell me how you go about getting a hold of the Medical Board to complain about a Dr At LSL? I spoke to a lawyer about all my scars all around my ears they look like a big loop.and on my eyes also and he said that it would be way to expensive to have this law suit, I didn't understand that,Do you have to pay these Dr.s to come to court if you Sue them or what, I think that I am messed up enough to be able to do something about it, Do I have to look like a monster 1st? I can't wear my hair short anymore because of the gross scars they left, Can anybody help me on what I should do? This Dr. Left the right side of my face larger than the right, and when he came in the operating room that day he had a marker and made 2 fast lines on the side of my face, no measurements or nothing, all the shows I seen with Plastic Surgeons take their time to measure things on your face not just walk into the room and look at you real quick and make a fast line on each side of your face and then tell you to get deep into the music that he is playing so he can start putting in around 30 injections on each side of your face,after I had all this done I kept feeling a stitch on the back of my head [lower} and when I ask the Dr. about it he said it was a black head and just yanked it out, and he said that he would never have to stitch that far back, but the scar is there, I think he did that cause he had another Dr. in the room with him, I am 57 and I don't get or never did get a black head on the back of my neck,and talk about painful! when he pulled that out, I mean he pulled and then acted like he was flicking it out of his fingers, It was a stitch cause my Sister seen it.The day before I went back in I ask her to see what that was and she looked and said that it was a stitch. Please if anyone is thinking about going there, spend a little more money and see a real Dr.
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Rochester Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is a very good looking man and he knows it and has a very bad attitude, he is not board certified,and he don't seem to care what kind of language he uses.

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