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I tried Pixel 3 days ago. My skin ws not awful,...

I tried Pixel 3 days ago. My skin ws not awful, but I had some scars from an accident and the texture ws not what I wanted (I am very close to 40).

The procedure was painful...like someone dropping hot glue on my face. It only lasted about 20 -30 minutes. I would recommend taking some pain meds before and after treatment.

I have not begun peeling yet, but I can tell that my skin will be better. I know about 6 people who have used the Pixel treatments...they all have beautiful skin.

I'll update in a few days and let you know what I think of the outcome.

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Very professional. Years of practice.

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From what I understand and have researched there is no difference. Pixel Perfect may be a trade or brand name, but it seems to be the same as just Pixel. I read the description and could find no differences. I hope that helps.
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I would like to know the progress of your treatment. I just did mine last week and it is the 7th day and I am still flaking as have pixelated pattern on my face. After reading all the reviews, I hope I would not suffer from bad hypermentation as a result of this procedure. I am signed up for IPL for my next treatment. The pixel treatment was really painful for me as compared to medlite laser that I had before.
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Sorry for the delayed response. Did your skin improve? I can still tell a difference in my skin. The changes occured over a few weeks. I meant to have another treatment, but I have been unable to make time. Are you pleased with your results?
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Debra, it is about 6 months after my pixel treatment. I developed mild shingles as a result of my treatment. I ended up seeing a regular doctor and finally a dermatologist. Medication cost me around $160+..... The texture of my face may have improved so slightly but I have developed Melasma on my cheeks and some on my upper lips. I returned today for an AFT treatment which is like an IPL. The reason being I have paid for 4 treatments and I had a choice of Pixel or AFT. I will be completing the rest of my treatments with AFT. NO more Pixel for me as it is too painful and the results do not justify the suffering that I have to endure. How was your results of your pixel treatment?
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Are there two types of lasers, Pixel and Pixel Perfect?
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Today is day 4 after the Pixel treatment. I kept the heavy ointment on my face Thursday - Saturday. Sunday I wore makeup, but my face was very dry...and looked dry. Today (Monday) I wore makeup to work (powder foundation) and again my face is dry, but not uncomfortable. I am peeling, or flaking would be more accurate. It does seem as if the "new" skin is better. I let you know....
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