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23 Years, Mild Acne - New York, NY

I have had acne since i was 16 and I'm now 23 and...

i have had acne since i was 16 and I'm now 23 and i am absolutely fed up with acne. i have tried many other medications from minocycline, doxycycline, tazorac, BP, proactive, TTO, acne.org, you name it, i probably have tried it and none worked. i have acne under my skin that most medications can't penetrate to giving me a bumpy texture. I am so scared of going on accutane but i guess thats is the only option left. Can someone please tell me if accutane is worth all these troubles. i want to go on it and want an honest opinion from someone who has already taken it and if you will take it again if needed.
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Welcome to the community, I completely understand your frustration with acne, I suffered with adult cystic acne for years and it was horrible but there is always a way to resolve any issue we have.  Accutane has an 82% worth it rating based on 266 reviews on the site and I have seen some great results, there are risks of side effects of course, here is are a few FAQ's from the Doctors section that might help and some information you may find helpful, also feel free to Ask A Doctor on site as well. 


Side Effects + Accutane

Accutane Guide

Good lucks and keep us posted!
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