Triactive NO, Any Other Solutions?

Did a series of Triactive, and i think it was...

Did a series of Triactive, and i think it was hurtful for my lymph nodes. The machine opens them up before the treatment. I noticed a growth, so be careful of that one.

It did tighten my butt a bit though. Endermology was good, but really just a strong message, not enough to make a difference. Tried another one, dont know the name, had some heat in the laser, seems to work better than the endermology. Still looking for the right treatment.

Name not provided

They werent well taught/trained on the machine.

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I tried the TriActive and it was awesome. I literally left the office crying I was so happy. I have always struggled with cellulite in my thighs and it fixed it completely after the second treatment!! I reccomend it!
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I have been looking into cellulite treatment but can't decide which one. right now i am looking into endermologie and accent xl. But it looks like you had good result with TriActive. Are you based in orange county california? If so can i have the name of your doctor? thank you for your help.
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