Exquisite Pain After Zeltiq - Towson, MD

I had zeltiq done on my abdomen and flanks about 1...

I had zeltiq done on my abdomen and flanks about 1 week ago (9 days). I have had severe stabbing pins-needle type pain in the treated areas since, where I am unable to sleep. No relief with over-the-counter pain meds. When I had the zeltiq done, the practictioner said that I should do another cycle to maximize results. This wasn't something they had discussed beforehard, but now said had to do immediately to increase the "freezing." I was already in a vulnerable position, and felt like I had to defer to their expertise. I think it was unethical to spring this on me, and then not discuss potential risks. I can't help but think I wouldn't be in such pain if I had stuck to the single cycle. I wish I could go back and not get this done.

As for the pain....exquisite is a good descriptor. I was trying to explain to a friend last night what it was like...I do now know that the pain is from disturbances of the nerves from procedure. When I told my friend it is not really pins and needles, but more like electrical shock pain, and if a light piece of fabric brushed the area, it sent me through the roof. My friend said 'that is what shingles feels like!' I guess I don't ever want shingles after this, but i will do other areas but be prepared for the pain which lasted till day 13.
So, to be clear. You had one hour of Coolsculpting done, then another hour on the same area immediately after. On the same day?
Yes, the provider recommended it. 2 weeks post now, the pain is much better, still have numbness but I was warned about that. I had to take Vicodin for several evenings to be able to sleep.
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