Please Help!!! I Picked 3 Days After my Peel Now I'm Afraid I Have Ruined my Skin... - Townsville, AU

I had done an at home peel on Friday and it is now...

I had done an at home peel on Friday and it is now tuesday I have picked off most of my peeling skin. I no it says not to pick, but I think I have an OCD as I can never stop picking in general. Anyway it is now Tuesday and after peeling some of my skin off, it looks like a sore and burnt. They are really sore and itchy can anyone tell me if I have ruined my face :( I used be pretty until I did this, I only did it because I was trying to look better be flawless.. :( please help, I'm scarred.


I'm so sorry to hear you are scarred. It can definitely be hard to leave the skin alone, and even more so if you are a picker in general. :-/

Here are some reviews where people talked about picking after their peels. You could leave comments for them to see how things came out:

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Vi Peel - do not peel skin! i was told subsequent peels will hurt more bc skin is healthier. may take 10-14 days

Here is a Q&A that discusses this as well:

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Please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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