I had areas of fat deposits that would not go away - Totally Worth It - Canada

I decided to go with smart lipo for many reasons....

I decided to go with smart lipo for many reasons. The cost of this procedure is obviously more realistic than traditional liposuction and it is safer. I had areas of fat deposits that would not go away even with vigorous exercise and weighing and portioning my food. I have a very small body and everything else on my is in shape except my tummy and back.

When I went in for the procedure I felt comfortable and was given a mild sedative and later on a pain killer. He started with the areas of my main concern and had extra freezing after so worked a little bit on my theigh and buttocks. Ther procedure was basically painless, although after when I was getting dressed in my garment I felt nauseous and was very pale. This went away after I ate and took some medication.

That night it felt less painful that a hardcore workout (probably because of the pain killers) I saw instant results and am very excited to see the rest after I am healed. I can confidently say I could return to work the next day. The only thing that was hard to deal with was the leakage of blodd and fluid. I had to wash my garment and change my padding as soon as I got home and that was quite the ordeal because you constantly leak! But after that I used maxi pads and have been fine.

In my opinion it is totally worth it.

Areas preformed in: Upper/Lower Abdomen, Flanks, Upper Back, Outer Theigh, Buttock

can you tell me where you went I am from canada, but have a hard time finding someone...
Please tell me who you went to in canada, I think the price you paid is reasonable. Are you still happy with your results?
How are you doing now, a few weeks out?
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