Total Nightmare

I had the procedure nearly 1 yr ago. Just the...

I had the procedure nearly 1 yr ago. Just the basic lift for neck and jowls. The local anesthesia caused horrific pain. Even before the stiches were removed, I could see the lifted areas begin to sag again. First the right side and soon after the left side followed.

There was no improvement at all. The pain and discomfort behind the right ear persists. Several months ago, one of the stiches worked its way through the skin. I needed another incision to remove it and four more stitches to close the area.

In the beginning, I would call the corporate office. They kept saying they would make some sort of adjustment or compensation, but they never did. I feel sorry for the many women who will experience the same dissatisfaction in the future. If there is ever a class action suit...count me in.

Updated on Jun 5, 2008

I can't believe I'm reading posts from women who have read these comments and intend to ask a lot of questions at their upcoming consult for LSL.     HEY GIRLS LISTEN UP...IT DOESN'T WORK.    Where is the lawyer out there who will make them pay for this madness?  Is there one in the Houston area?

I loved your comment about the ladies that keep asking questions about the LSL after reading our horror stories. Or maybe they do not read far enough. There is one question that I do wish somebody would answer -- WHY NOT A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT??? Could one lawyer please explain this to all of us on this forum. Please. Thanks, Chystal.
I am horrified that so many people have fallen victim to this procedure. Surely with so much adverse publicity this company must close its doors and stop taking money under false pretences. It is scandalous that in this day and age this can actually be happening, with no recourse to damages or compensation. I really hope someone takes the initiative and sues this company out of existance.
I think its terrible what they have done to you and the other incidents I read Is it possible to have a class action against these people There must be some lawyer that would take the case. 'They deserve to be sued and more complain to the medical board. they should not get away with it. Good Luck
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