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Perhaps I would have a different opinion if the Dr...

Perhaps I would have a different opinion if the Dr was truthful with me about how long it is taking to get my face back to normal. I am 6 weeks out still red/blotchy/with brown spots... My skin looked so much better before this procedure. I would never do this again and I would tell anyone who asks DON'T DO IT! There are less painful things to do that achieve the same results and less expensive I might add! Everyone keeps telling me wait 3-6 months you will love I do not think so. In 3-6 months I can look 14 years old and it still wouldn't be worth it!!!

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I am giving him one star because he wasn't truthful or honest with me and I also believe he was having a problem with his machines as I have heard the broke a couple of weeks after my treatment.

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I am 4 weeks after Total FX for the eye area, I am still bright red! I have to wear make up at all times when being seen. The skin is completely healed , but remains bright red. ALSO the worst part so far is that the wrinkles are doubled! It looks worse than before, maybe due to dried out skin ( i don't know)
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I do hope you have great results once the healing is complete, but I'm with you - if it took me 6 weeks + to heal up I don't think I would feel it was worth it.

There was another community member who had a similar experience as you, but you will see in her last update she did like the results once everything healed up. “Prolonged Healing from Active Fx - Los Angeles, CA”

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