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Brown Reddish Areas Round my Mouth After Total FX

I have olive skin and I had total FX 7 days ago. ...

I have olive skin and I had total FX 7 days ago. I am 39 years old and my very fine lines around my eyes. The nurse convinced me that I was gooing to get a better result if I treat the whole face rather around the eyes.

The healing process was fast, however, after the peeling stopped I see deep brownish redness around my mounth and Jawline, most areas where Deep FX was performed. I am so stressed, I contacted the office and I was told that I probably have hyperpigmentation. This more looks like an extreme burn to me.

Can someone tell me if you have had a similar experience.

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I had Total FX last May, so about 8 months now. I, too, had a lot of discoloration that I feared would be permanent, but it's gone. I used a bleaching/Retin A cream for a while, now I'm using 0.1% Retin A mixed with Vitamin C and E.

I have light olive skin and the dermatologist didn't want to use extremely high settings on me because of it. Overall, I'm disappointed in my results. The fine lines that were bugging me enough to do the procedure are still there. I've had Botox and fillers, and with them I get improvement, and I'm convinced the Retin A has improved my skin texture and tone more than the laser procedure.

I got a deal in that I paid $3000 for two Total FX treatments. I only had one, and I'm tempted to do IPL instead of another Total FX treatment. The Total FX didn't do anything for my brown spots or my fine lines, the two reasons I did this brutal procedure.
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