Total FX - Awful Experience - Dublin, OH

I had Total FX 6 days ago. I did it because I have...

I had Total FX 6 days ago. I did it because I have moderate acne scars. It has been a really bad experience. It was slightly painful, the doc put metal shields under my eyelids, this was very scary. In the days following my procedure, I was swollen to the point my eyes were sealed shut. My left eye lid is so tight when I blink my eye doesn't close all of the way.(Still even after 6 days.) Even though my skin is still swollen, I can still see clearly the scars. The redness in my skin is terrible, I cannot go out in public like this. This was a very bad choice for me. I should have done fillers or something. My skin has welts so bad, I can only hope in the weeks to come there will be improvements. I will keep updating this blog.


Oh, I really hope things improve and you start to see some good changes in your skin!

Eek, I've heard others mention the metal contacts and every time I read about them my eyes water - I know they are necessary to protect your eyes but the idea of them does sound very scary.

Looking forward to your updates!

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