Total Disaster Under my Eyes After Having Evolence

I had Evolence 19 months ago and have been left...

I had Evolence 19 months ago and have been left with horrific lumps under both my eyes and NOBODY has any solutions as to how to get rid of this horrible product from my face...

It hasnt dissolved like i was told that it would and it just looks horrible and I dont know what to do.

3 Comments will NOT go away..thats what the doctor kept saying too...been almost three years and mine are still just as bad if not worse..
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Believe will not go away on it's on! I had to have mine surgically removed, & the surgeon told me that he doubts it would have gone away in 20 years! Evolence is a product that should never have been tried under the eyes. J&J said that the drs were using it off label, but from what I understand the J&J reps were encouraging the drs to try it under the eyes! Who knows what to believe!
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If it really was Evolence it should go away-since the under eye area really does not move much like around the mouth it can take a long time. Why they would use such a thick filler in such a delicate area I beyond me-of course I am no doctor but do know a large needle it used for this and it tends to ball up and how are you going to flatten that out in such a tender area. Good luck
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