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Sculptra is Permanent on Me After 7 Years in Cheek Area - Torrance, CA

My feelings about Sculptra are very mixed. I got...

My feelings about Sculptra are very mixed. I got it done in 2006 for the first time, to fill out my cheeks which at age 39 were starting to get flat and droopy just below my eye sockets. I also had acne scarring and the Sculptra immediately plumped the cheeks and made the scarring practically disappear.

Then, I returned 4 more times to my dermatologist over the course of 5 months to repeat the process spaced about 5 wks apart as the Sculptra appeared to go down and subside. HOWEVER, after all of this, I noticed that my face seemed to permanently stay full in this cheek area and never changed after that. The cheeks stayed big and in fact it seemed to me they became even bigger.

I have no idea why this would happen. They did not swell. I did gain about 10lbs so I figured this had something to do with it, but I have lost the weight and my cheeks stayed large. Now, I do not have a deflated look to my cheeks and am going to be 47 this year, however I wish they were not SO big. I have lost all definition to my cheekbone area and just look like I have a big face.

I recently went to visit a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon as I think it is time to have some work done (browlift), but all he could talk about was how big my cheeks were and that since I had Sculptra injected in them, my cheeks looked too big but that he could not do anything to minimize that.

I am 72 and had become very hollow in the cheek area as well as under the eyes. Option: gain a bunch of weight or get injectables. I chose Sculptra and had three sessions totaling about 5 3/4 vials. At first, I wondered if I had wasted my money since it took 6 months after the last session to start showing much result. Now I love it, I look years younger - even my husband said yesterday: "You look like a young girl......" (Exaggeration of course!).
I started it in 2008 and touch it up every year or so. It lastsyears. I originally had 3 vials over the course of a year. It takes several months to see the full results. It is best to wait several months to see EXACTLY what the results will look like to avoid too much collagen growth. I am not sure why doctors risk injecting every month as it is impossible to know what the outcome is. Everyone 's reaction to it is different. It will slowly go down but it can take up to 5 years. That has been my experience.
Hi! Thanks for your review! Do you have any pictures? Would love to see what you mean. We are our own worst critics (and cosmetic surgeons who didn't perform said procedure). Perhaps it's not as noticeable as you think to someone who doesn't know what to look for. Thanks!
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