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Almost Five Years out and Scars Are Hideous and Disfiguring - Torrance, CA

I know many people have a wonderful result with...

I know many people have a wonderful result with this surgery, but I am one of the ones who developed thick, itchy, raised and bumpy hypertrophic scars. To this day, almost five years later, they are red and sometimes itchy, and numb. Before the surgery, ( I had lost 150 lbs.) I was a little uncomfortable wearing short sleeved shirts because of the flappy skin. Now I can only wear long sleeved shirts, even on the hottest summer day.

Also, beware of the pictures you see. To this day, my plastic surgeon shows pictures of my arms on his website. The difference looks dramatic and positive, but the the picture was taken at an angle where my scars didn't show. He never even acknowledge that there was a problem, he just kept shrugging and saying "lets hope" the scars improve on their own.


Hi SBS -- Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm really sorry to hear about all the scarring but you're very brave to share your story regardless, especially the information about photos. Have you sought out any doctors' opinions on scar revision surgery?

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Thanks. I am actually in the process of laser scar reduction. The jury's out on whether or not that will work, but I'll definitely share my results here. I have been very hesitant to consider surgical scar revision because there is a good chance I may scar just as badly the second time around.

Also my review should read that I lost 150 lbs. not 15! Oops!

Oh! That's quite a difference. I changed it for you so it reads "150lb" (might as well give you credit for all of your hard work in losing weight ;). Do you mind me asking how you lost weight?

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