A Nose with Some Shape :) - Toronto, ON

I had an extremely unflattering nose - sort of...

I had an extremely unflattering nose - sort of flat and bumpy. I called it my potato nose. I'd been trying to save for a rhinoplasty for ages, but from what I can tell, they usually cost over $5000 and I just wasn't up for the recovery time.

I just had Restylane injections in the bridge of my nose and it looks AMAZING. The entire bridge is more straight and defined, and some filler was injected at the tip to make the droopy tip look cute and round.

I'm still waiting to see how long the injections will last, but for now i say TOTally worth it


Hey can you please tell us who in T.O who you went with? Thanks a bunch :)
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I know you posted this a while ago but would you mind sharing where you went?
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I live close to Toronto and am considering having this done. Could you tell me which clinic you went to and who did your nose for you? It'd be extremely helpful.
Thank you!

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Name not provided

I went to a reputable cosmetic clinic in toronto. I wouldn't recommend trying to go cheap on this kind of thing - I mean, it's the cheaper option anyways, so might as well go with the highest bidder

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