Smart Lipo - Flanks, Inner, Outer Thigh - Toronto, ON

Ok - the first 7/8 days is living hell ..maybe I...

Ok - the first 7/8 days is living hell ..maybe I am exaggerating but I was expecting to return to work in 3 days but I dont believe that is possible esp if you are doing your flanks. very sore cant really sleep . the swelling is a lot. I went up to about a size 10 from a 6 the first week the swelling was so bad especially the legs and feet.I had to take a week off work..but would I do it again YES! It shapes the body I feel better in my clothes. I am just 3 weeks in now and I can see my new shape. Its not huge difference but nipped and tucked in the right areas. I am a little sore still but can dance move around.. I trusted my doctor 100% and am happy I chose him !

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The first week - I was told I could return to work after weekend but in fact you probably need a full week ..I couldnt walk

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hey thank you for sharing your story! Who was your doctor? Im in the toronto area and would like to know who I can use to perform similar procedure.
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who was your doctor?
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Hi Rachel....did you ever get the Doc's name...I have 2 consults and don't want to make any wrong decisions.
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Thanks for posting your experience. I'm glad to hear all the post-op recovery was worth it!

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