Had Surgery and Its Day 1 of Recovery - Toronto, ON

So had my surgery yesterday, so far it's not been...

So had my surgery yesterday, so far it's not been to bad the worse thing is the sore throat which eating ice cream and sucking on throat lozenges have helped. Didn't get an awful lot of sleep due to being Sat upright and having to breath through my mouth. I havehadbreakfast and will be going home today
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How are you doing now? Have you gotten your cast off yet?
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Congratulations! I'm sure you are glad its over with. Now time to heal. Take extra care of youself. Can you share some before and after pictures? I am so ready to have my surgery. I have a couple months to go. Take care
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I can't figure how to do the photos but will keep trying. I feel a bit more with it today and managed 7 hours sleep last night so all good, still have a bit of bleeding and a sore throat. I bet you can't wait for the surgery now it really isn't that painfull, just a bit uncomfortable xxxx
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Hey you got more sleep then me! Lol that's wonderful your getting rest. I hope you are in love with your nose. Well I've heard it takes about a year for the nose swelling to go completely down. I am extremely anxious to get my nose done. I've been waiting for 21years to get my nose job. Well...I hope you continue doing well:)
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