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Should I Get a Rhinoplasty Done and if So What Type?- Toronto, ON

Hey, So my sister had a minor accident and also...


So my sister had a minor accident and also another nose issue and due to that she actually got her surgery done a few years ago. Her results were amazing.

I have a normal looking nose except that when i smile or get excited it spreads wide enough and i guess y feature loose their shape. I have always thought i didn't need one but after seeing the change in my sister my mother and my sister keep in asking me to get it fixed.

At this point i am a little iffy. I mean it would be nice to be confident and not cover my nose when i am laughing.

I also do not want to end up looking fake, my sister didn't but that does not mea no one else would?

The reason i asked "what tip of rhinoplasty" is because some people get their nose narrowed overall, is mine to do with tip rhinoplasty and nostrils or do you think I need the full thing?

If anyone has any recommendations for a doctor in Toronto area who is awesome, let me know.



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Hi Curiousss, I think I am in a similar situation as you where my nose is wide when I smile and the tip of my nose also seems to be exaggerated and loses some shape. I've read in many articles/forums that although your nose doesn't continue to grow as you age, that it can actually droop a bit. I compared old pictures to my current and did see some slight changes. So, the way I figured I wanted reverse a little gravity knowing that it may only become more pronounced over time, and while I'm at it, reduce the overall size of the nose, but mainly keep the shape. So, I'm day 3 in recovery from a tip rhinoplasty. I held off on having my nostrils taken in (alar base reduction). I didn't want to go too overboard. I still have tape on my nose so I haven't see the results, but I'm happy I've had the procedure done. Once I started noticing my nose, I became increasingly unhappy with it, and again, knew it would possibly droop more over time. However, I must say that you are truly beautiful and I think your nose complements your other facial features while maintaining a bit of your ethnicity. I'm 1/2 Chinese by the way so I didn't want a nose that looked fake for my heritage. If you want the most truthful perspective from a peer, here you go: Your nose is a bit wide, but not imbalanced to rest of your facial features. The tip appears to lose a little shape in your smiling picture (3rd pic). Finally, in your last picture it appears your columella (the area between your nostrils at the base) has a little excess skin/cartilage or whatever. Perhaps you have the doctor generate a picture of the possible improvements he would make, to see if you like what you see. I personally didn't have one of these because I was confident my doc knew what bothered me but I realize a lot of people like to visualize the possibility. Wishing you all the best.
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Thanks Sweets, for honesty and for great suggestion. DO let me know how your results come out (if you can send me some pictures that would be amazing!) You are right, I don't want to look "fake" or unethnic and I do realize that leaving our nostrils might be a good idea :) Thank You!
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I had the exact same problem as you and the exact same situation, weird. My sister did her nose overseas and after seeing her results it got me thinking that I should go get one too! When I laughed or smiled my nose and nostrils would flare out. I hated it so much, so I fixed it and two weeks post op I am so very happy I did. I too was a little iffy on it an started to get cold feet closer to the op date but pulled through and it was definitely worth it! The doctor was gentle and very understanding. He was able to see exactly what I felt was wrong with my nose without me even saying anything to him! (Tiny hump on bridge of nose, tip drooping down slightly and wide nostrils esspecially when I smiled). He lifted the tip, shaved the hump to a ski slope and thinned my nostrils. I feel like a totally new person and for once I don't get self conscious when someone looks at me. So I say do it! :)
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=) pictures pictures ? =) I am glad it worked out for you!
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If I was you, I wouldn't risk it.  They say you should seek improvement and not perfection.  You already look pretty darn good!  As women we sometimes over analyze but personally I think this kind of surgery should only be done if you absolutely hate your nose or for those with extreme abnormalities. 
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Thanks Faith :) I do not hate my nose (not sure if I made it sound like that in my post, I was obviously more inclined to get it done when I posted the question) but just a tad bit irritated at times. Thank You for the honesty and support. I now have practiced the art of applying make up to contour and it seems pretty good :)
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I think you're beautiful as is, but if you do decide to go for it, here's what some doctors say about finding the right surgeon for your nose.

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Thanks Angie!
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