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After thinking about it on and off for years, I...

After thinking about it on and off for years, I finally went in for a consultation yesterday! I've photoshopped pics of myself but it was awesome seeing the estimated results through the Vectra 3d program (it takes a 3d image of all angles of your face and then the doctor can make adjustments to show what it should look like).

Here's the thing: I'm very prepared for the surgery and really want to do it. The consultation was amazing and I was happy with how the whole thing went. The doctor and staff made me feel at ease and were soooo friendly! The only thing holding me back is the cost! I'm trying to justify it by my potential happiness, it's just a big chunk to spend at once. Maybe others can chime in and let me know if they thought it was worth the money :)

I'll keep this profile updated with my decision. I've been reading many reviews on here and love the sense of community so far...
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! It definitely does depend on how much you hate your nose. It's cheaper than a car!

I've never regretted mine and would go into debt ten times over to have it done again, but then, I despised my nose.

Please let us know what you decide to do!

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Hi, I don't see your photoshop morphed photos.  Can you please share them?  I agree with BeautifulNoSey, if you can live with your current nose, then it may not be worth the gamble.  I regret mine tremendously. 
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If your current nose is causing you a lot of misery, it's definitely worth it. If you don't mind you nose and can live with it, it might not be worth the risk. Depends on how you feel.
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