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Totally Unsatisfactory - Toronto

I had this procedure done on my upper and lower...

I had this procedure done on my upper and lower lip and my chin. Since it was done, I don't think any of this disolved and I have no smoothness in the area around my mouth and chin I have lumps in the creases around my mouth and chin and it has been 4 months, it is getting harder and harder in those areas.and is creeping further up and down along my face. My provider has no idea why this is happening and neither do I.


In fact, Redexis is good filler, but your doctor just gave you a wrong parts injection. Redexis is not used to treat the lips but in the face. And it should be injected into the part where is near the periosteum. Your doctor chose the wrong filler for you. Because REXEIS can stimulate your own collagen to product, so your injected site will be harden than before.
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In reply, it is not good for your face, as she also injected it in my chin under my lips and the area is still bumpy and it looks like `i have a line of pimples in that area. So in fact this is a product that should be shelved and personally my injector and the company should have been sued by me..

Here's a list of board-certified doctors in Toronto who offer hyaluronidase.

As for safety, it's hard to say. According to some of the doctors who post on RealSelf, hyaluronidase is relatively safe. However, we have had a few community members who had bad results with it. It has a 30% "Worth It" rating right now (yikes!) but AFAIK it's the only way to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers. :-/

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