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Going on Thursday for butt implants.... When will...

Going on Thursday for butt implants.... When will I be able to return to my office job? I'm scared that I won't be able to sit ..... I was told I would be able to return after 3-4 days but I'm reading so many things online that I will have to wait 2weeks!! Plz help AsAp with an answer..... Thank you!!


Hope everything goes or went well. Ms. New Booty. Hopefully you can post up some pics.
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I highly doubt u can return to work after 3-4 days u need at least 6 weeks off. You want smooth non complicated recovery. You said u have an office job, u cannot sit down for about 2-3 to ur doctor
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Hi there, welcome!

I hope your procedure went well and you have a smooth recovery! Personally I would think that 3-4 days is a little ambitious, but I'm not a doctor so maybe that will work out fine.

Please do let us know how your progressing!

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Still cant sit!!! Scared i might have infection

I think i might have an infection... Calling my Doc... Tmrw... I have a little bit of smelly pus where my incision is and i keep gettingcharlie horse like pains on my rigt cheek.. If there is a doctor reading plz answer me with what u think.. Ps.. My doc put a Cellophane plastic over the incision which is now peeling off...


What is your doctor's name?
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