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Septorhinoplasty to correct a crooked nose and...

septorhinoplasty to correct a crooked nose and breathing. in general yes i would say it was worth it, just do the research, dont let cost be a factor (but if you get covered for septo, do) and go for it. i can see my nose is straighter, my breathing is improved, and overall i now no longer criticize myself when i look in the mirror.
however........i happened to be doing therapy at the same time, and i do actually recommend it if you think your reasons for surgery stem from something else. What i found was i was doing the surgery for the right reasons, and my expectations were very modest. I do NOT recommend surgery for anyone who thinks it will 'change them' or expecting a completely different face, or worse, personality. Also some people complain that no one notices they had surgery - if your motivation is other peoples opinion, i do NOT recommend you do anything but start seeing a therapist - you need to be happy with yourself first. Sorry i wont be adding photos but please feel free to ask questions

Thanks for sharing! I think your tips on reasons for getting surgery are sound.

What was your recovery like?

recovery was very easy. first few days you're uncomfortable but i slept for most of that. following week i worked from home and i still looked a bit rough, even with cast off and splints out. Two weeks after surgery quite a lot of swelling has gone down and i only i would know i had surgery. The tip is still hard and tender to touch so have to be patient over next 6-8 weeks and i should be back to myself. Ironically the worst part was the day and night before, where i didnt sleep at all and was very close to canceling, seeing it as a waste of money and stupid to put myself through such pain. However, as soon as i woke up day after surgery, and though i looked absolutely dreadful and didnt feel the best, i was delighted i had done it and zero regrets - this is similar to other psychological challenges i've done , running a marathon, climbing a mountain, the night before you cant understand why you put yourself in such a position, and then immediately glad you've done it one accomplished.

Thanks for the extra info!

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