Nose Not Straight - Looks Like a Small Dent - Toronto, ON

Hello, I had rhinoplasty done 13 days ago and feel...

Hello, I had rhinoplasty done 13 days ago and feel that my nose is not straight. I had bone and scar tissue removed from the area where it looks like a small dent on my nose. Not sure if its just the swelling where my looks uneven but I am worried that the nose will not be even. Scar tissue was also removed from the tip which is also swollen, but happy with that.... Should I be worried about this?


Hi Edith, How has your recovery gone? What surgeon did you use? Thanks
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Swelling in the postoperative period may impair visualization of the final contour of your nose. I would recommend waiting and then a simple correction would be warranted at a later point.
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By the way , who did your revision and are you happy with the result because we can not see the Before. Thank you.
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