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My sister-in-law had her teeth whitened by Blazing...

My sister-in-law had her teeth whitened by Blazing Smile teeth whitening services and recommended them to me, and what a treat! They come to your house or office with their instruments etc, and they work around your schedule. That really worked for me as I have a full-time job with 2 small kids. I paid $130, taxes included for a whitening session that lasted for about 45 minutes or so if I remember right. The lady was really professional and from my own observation my teeth went up by 5 shades. I'm very pleased and would never again pay a dental office $300 when I can get the same results for less than half that price! The only complaint I have is that I wanted to pay by regular debit, but they accept only credit card, or debit only if there's a visa or mastercard logo on there.

5 shades is a lot of whitening! Glad it worked out so well for you! I'm assuming the draw to this over the whiteners they sell at the store is that it is suppose to be as strong as the ones they offer in dental offices. I would be a bit concerned having something stronger applied without having my teeth checked first to make sure there wouldn't be any adverse effects. Was this a concern for you at all?

Hi Megan, well when you call to make an appointment it seems they ask you about when the last time was that you visited your dentist. They recommend that you visit your dentist to make sure that your teeth are healthy. I can't say whether or not they follow this procedure for every client, but this was how it was for me. Before we started, the lady (sorry, I forgot her name) advised me that if I felt any sharp pain etc on any tooth that we had to stop immediately as it may be a sign of some sort of open cavity. The only thing I was concerned about was gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. Neither happened because they protected my gums and lips with some sort of substance and applied another for 3 minutes before the treatment to lessen sensitivity. I've recommended my mom and friend since, and they're very pleased.
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